Research & Development

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Standard Textile’s commitment to helping customers succeed is the impetus for our innovation. If the solution to a problem exists, we perfect it. If the solution to a problem doesn't exist, we create it. Then we patent it.

This commitment to cutting-edge research and development has resulted in more than 80 patents with several additional patents pending.

Because anyone can find an answer, but it takes insight and creativity to find the right solution.

Our emphasis on R&D is a differentiating factor in the industry. We focus on engineering economic value into our products to satisfy customer needs and reduce total operational system costs.

One example of our unique level of commitment to innovation is our CORE facility, a one-of-a-kind, world-class textile development and processing center. Home of the industry’s most advanced product development capabilities, visitors can actually see a product move from concept to execution.

This facility is, in essence, a miniature scale vertically integrated textile manufacturing facility featuring custom designed and built machinery that facilitates hyper-speed prototyping of developmental products and concepts.

After a prototype is made in the Advanced Concept Development Center, it is subjected to a battery of physical tests to ascertain performance parameters, such as strength, softness, absorbency, shrinkage, colorfastness, etc. Promising concepts are then transferred to full-scale manufacturing trials.

The “test driving” of a broad range of options and ideas prior to full-scale trials effectively identifies and broadens the realm of potential solutions, moving product development consistently forward without interfering with ongoing manufacturing operations.