Impact Technology®

Standard Textile provides exclusive Impact Technology® to help in the fight against the most prevalent bacteria—killing the organisms on contact.

Impact Technology® features Aegis Microbe Shield®, which is permanently bonded to the fabric. Impact® is the flame resistant fabric for cubicle curtains, drapery, bedspreads and shower curtains that is specifically engineered to provide stain resistance, splash protection, and antimicrobial properties.

Impact Technology® assists infection control practitioners in maintaining the safest possible environment for patients and healthcare workers.

Antimicrobial, Splash, Stain and Flame Resistant.

Certified third party testing results validate Impact®'s efficacy against prevalent bacteria, including staphylococci and e-coli—killing these organisms and others on contact.

The toughest of stains can be easily spot cleaned, eliminating the inconvenience of removing the product, washing and replacing it.

Impact Technology®'s innovative formation bonds protection to the fibers of the fabric.

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