PolyLite Image

PolyLite features a lightweight brushed tricot surface that dries more quickly than cotton and blended underpads to save processing time. So soft it’s often preferred for comfort, the face fabric is treated with a soil-release finish. A polyester/rayon soaker fabric and polyknit vinyl barrier form the rest of the conventional two-piece fabrication with square corners.

Twill Print Image
Twill Print

Our Twill Print underpad is designed with patient dignity in mind. The cotton/polyester face fabric is adorned with an attractive print that complements many healthcare interiors and isn’t immediately recognizable as an incontinence product. The print is effective at disguising incidental staining yet offers “clinical white space” allowing medical professionals to identify concerns. The twill weave face is also very comfortable for patients.

TruVal® Image

TruVal® is the only underpad on the market made with Capillary Surface Materials, a special class of novel cross-section yarns that dramatically enhance wicking performance. The extraordinary durability of the all-synthetic fabrics is enhanced even further by the laminated unipad construction, which also extends service life and reduces mechanical damage.

ComPly® MVP Image
ComPly® MVP


ComPly® MVP underpads feature a patented tri-component pile fabric that effectively manages moisture via capillary action, efficiently drawing and storing fluid beneath the skin contact surface.

The top surface is comfortable, quick-drying, and reduces sheer and friction, enhancing patient care. The unique ripstop polyester barrier backing is both liquid-resistant and air permeable, making this underpad an ideal choice for use with specialty beds.

EuroTech Image

EuroTech underpad a 100% brushed polyester face fabric notable for both comfort and moisture wicking performance. The pad’s pastel aqua surface color creates a less institutional appearance and helps in managing incidental staining. EuroTech are fabricated with a polyurethane-coated barrier backing reducing pad weight and bulk by more than 25% as compared to conventional vinyl-barrier pads, which can dramatically and positively impact processing expense.

PerVal® Image

The face of PerVal® is made of a textured warp-knit synthetic that disperses moisture more effectively than brushed-tricot underpads. PerVal® offers a solid blue face fabric to more readily disguise incidental staining. A polyester/rayon soaker and blue polyknit vinyl barrier complete the conventional two-piece fabrication, which features square corners.

Comply® Image

The patented tri-component construction of Standard Textile’s ComPly® fabric wicks fluid away from the patient through its quick-drying, non-absorbent top surface, pulling the fluid through a unique 50% polyester /50% cotton middle ply, while trapping the fluid in a super-absorbent, 100% cotton lower ply.

A durable vinyl backing protects beds and linens and improves patient comfort and hygiene.

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Integrity® Image

Integrity® manufactured with Integralknit technology provides exceptional strength and chemical resistance.

This product has no broken stitching or bunching, allowing for extraordinary fluid containment in an underpad with remarkable durability and performance.

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