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OneSTEP™ stands for “One Solution to Enhance Productivity” and the products do just that. While each solution offers a unique set of benefits to hoteliers, when combined they offer housekeepers and laundry professionals tools to shorten processing and room make-up time.

Room Ready for You® Laundered with Tide® Clean, fresh and bed-ready right out of the box

Centium Core Technology® Improves sheet tensile strength, extends service life, and enhances performance.

EZ ID® Sheeting Color-coded selvage yarns easily identify sheet sizes

Balanced Hems Bi-directional fabrication provides equally defined two-in top and bottom hems.

Center-Lock Labels Product labels are centered in the hem of every sheeting product to identify the sheet’s center.

Innovative Top Covers The look and feel of a duvet cover without the housekeeping aerobics required to insert a duvet.

Empower your housekeepers and laundry professionals with tools designed to enhance efficiency and productivity.

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