Lynova® Blanket

Enduring style and unmatched comfort.

Lynova® blankets are unlike any other woven blanket. The patented tufted terry construction of our proprietary blanket provides a perfectly balanced blend of function and fashion.

The unmistakable comfort and breathability of natural fiber is accented by our exclusive “air pillow” weave.

100% long-staple cotton.

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LuxSoft® Comforter


Is it possible to make a comforter too comfortable? Too soft? Too lush? Too cozy? Standard Textile designed the LuxSoft® comforter for sleeping late…turning off the alarm clock. The warm feeling of five-star relaxation. LuxSoft® is a supreme comforter, an over-sized, over-soft, generously filled comforter, designed for a great night’s sleep and a wonderful morning.

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Blankets and Comforters

by Standard Textile

Luxurious softness, warmth, breathability, and excellent heat retention define Standard Textile’s blankets.

Advanced crafting and proprietary blends deliver marvelous luxury and performance.

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