ChamberLoft® Pillow

The washable ChamberLoft® pillow consists of two outer chambers filled with down-alternative hypoallergenic slick polyester, attached to an inner chamber filled with sterilized small duck feathers.

Provides long-lasting comfort at a cost-effective price.

100% cotton ticking fabric with double-needle stitching.

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ChamberSoft® Pillow

ChamberSoft® pillows are uniquely designed with two types of down-alternative fill.

The garnetted polyester fill of the inner chamber core provides effective and long-lasting support.

Dual outer chambers surround the inner chamber core with gel fiber for enhanced comfort.

Proprietary ChamberSoft® pillows offer durable resiliency.

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Chamberfirm Pillow


For those who want long-lasting firmness, Standard Textile has created the ChamberFirm pillow. The uniquely designed pillow is engineered with two distinct polyester chambers. The garneted polyester fill of the inner chamber provides effective and long-lasting support throughout the core. Dual outer chambers surround the inner core with soft and smooth gel fiber for enhanced relaxation. The result is a comfortable night’s sleep with the support you need and the comfort you expect.

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