Innovation Key to Standard Textile’s Growth

A special feature by The Cincinnati Enquirer – Wednesday, November 6 –

Gary Heiman stands infront of Standard Textile's Global Institute for Innovation & Leadership

When Gary Heiman became president of Standard Textile in 1988, the company started by his grandfather nearly a half-century earlier was ready for change.

At the time, Heiman’s father was running Standard Textile, a successful distributor servicing the health care industry. The company’s revenues were $61.5 million a year, but it was hard for Standard Textile to stand out from the competition.

To truly innovate, Standard Textile had to become a manufacturer. So Heiman began buying and building plants in the U.S. and abroad, investing heavily in research and development. He made it a priority to understand his customers’ businesses and always to ask this question: What can we make that will help you?

Photograph: The Cincinnati Enquirer/Joseph Fuqua II

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