Guiding Principles

Standard Textile’s Guiding Principles direct our actions because we understand that our actions affect our customers, vendors, associates, and the communities we serve.

  • Serve

    We are deeply committed to helping our customers succeed by providing the very best service, quality, and innovative cost-effective products the world has ever seen.

    By serving clients for nearly 75 years, we realize our innovations touch the lives of people all over the world, which is why we are dedicated to creating products that inspire, protect, and comfort.

    Through teamwork, trust, integrity, and respect, we are a proud partner to success for our customers, vendors, and associates.

  • Grow

    Nurturing long-term relationships is the key to a meaningful life and livelihood.

    It is the driving force behind our company culture and how we truly connect with the people in our lives.

    Our clients, associates, and vendors support and partner with us now and long into the future. They are the reason we continue to improve, invest, and innovate.

    This is also why we strive to provide our associates with countless opportunities for growth. They are the lifeblood of our company and our future.

  • Innovate

    Our commitment to stand out is what makes us different. Yet it is our relentless passion to stay ahead that makes us great.

    Our vast, versatile expertise and non-traditional methods allow us to develop new industry approaches, services, and products.

    Our culture of open innovation encourages associates, customers, and partners to work together to provide end-to-end solutions. These groundbreaking advancements result in products and processes that lower our customers’ overall costs while improving the experiences of those who use them.

    With over 70 patents, we are living proof that insatiable curiosity and commitment are the catalysts to innovation.

  • Impact

    We deeply believe that all businesses have a responsibility to improve the communities that they serve.

    Through philanthropy, product donations, volunteer and educational programs, we have a long, proud history of helping individuals and communities around the world succeed.

    And just as we are committed to our clients and our communities, we are also committed to our planet.

    From the development of products and technology that reduce energy consumption to the use of clean energy and recycling programs, we take enormous strides to minimize our ecological footprint, each and every day.