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January 31, 2023

ABC’s of Hotel Blankets & Comforters

Hotel duvet insert draped on top of a bed with luxury mattress pad

A guide to selecting the right blankets and comforters for your property [Updated for 2023]

There are no “blanket” statements for selecting blankets or comforters for your hotel or rental property. Our hospitality consultants use these tips when helping our hotel partners make their choice. Read on to learn the ABC’s to selecting the right blanket for your property.

First, let’s clarify a few terms.

While many often use “blanket” and “comforter” interchangeably, they are not the same:

  • Blanket – Refers to traditional single-ply flat blanket. Hotel blankets are typically woven or fleece with options for 100% cotton, cotton-poly blends, and 100% polyester.
  • Comforter –Filled products that can be used as a duvet insert or in triple sheeting. The weight and loft of the blanket is determined by the amount of fill. At Standard Textile, we recommend down-alternative fill since it is easier to launder and retains less moisture.

As we head into the cooler months, here are the top considerations our customers have when selecting the right blanket or comforter for their rooms.

Aesthetic – What look are you going for in your bed makeup?

Comforters offer loft, or fluffiness, while blankets lay flay. Most of the time, a filled comforter will be used for triple sheeting applications or as a duvet insert.
If you want your guests to see the bed and immediately dive in, select a plush comforter or duvet insert such as the LuxSoft® Comforter. For a sleeker look, consider selecting something with less dimension such as the filled Innerloft® Blanket.

While it’s not unheard of, properties rarely use a traditional flat blanket for their beds. Typically, flat blankets will be utilized as a “closet blanket” and included in a bedding kit for a foldout couch or as an extra room blanket.

luxury hotel blanket draped on the arm of a couch

Flat blankets can add texture and warmth to a guest bed.

One reason, however, that a property may choose to use a flat blanket in its bed makeup is that blankets are available in different colors and textures. Comforters are only available with white ticking and meant to be covered with a top sheet or a duvet cover.

Budget – What’s the budget for your blankets and laundering?

When it comes to blankets, there are options available across all budget ranges. Flat blankets tend to be less expensive while filled blankets and comforters will be pricier. Of course, price is impacted on a number of factors, including:

  • Material (100% cotton vs. cotton-poly blend vs. 100% polyester)
  • Weight (or amount) of fill
  • Single-ply vs filled
  • Weave and finishes

The 100% cotton Lynova® blanket is the perfect closet blanket for luxury accommodations, while budget-friendly establishments might select the Herringbone or SnowStorm® polyester blanket.

When selecting a blanket or comforter, don’t forget to also consider the cost of laundering. A single-ply blanket will dry faster, thus costing less to launder. A heavier filled product will need more time to dry and will cost more in utilities.

If you’re seeking a plush appearance, but concerned about weight and drying time, consider our Elevations™ comforter. Elevations features the parabolic construction of the Comfort Experience Zone™. There is more fill in the center of the comforter and less on the sides that hang over the bed. Laundry costs are reduced by eliminating unneeded weight on the sides, without compromising your guests’ sleep experience.

Pro Tip: Avoid overstuffing your machines during the drying cycle or blankets/comforters will take longer to dry. Be sure to use tennis balls to keep everything fluffy!

Check out other articles on our laundering best practices

Climate – Where are you located and how much does your weather change from season to season?

A close up shot of an AirLux blanket for hotels.

Airlux™ blankets are the perfect choice for hotels and resorts in warmer climates.

When it comes to climate, the weight of a comforter is the top concern. Comforters with a heavier weight will retain more warmth.

Hotels and resorts in warmer areas (think, Florida!) often want the look of a comforter, but not the weight. Imagine spending the day in the sun only to come back and bake under a duvet. That’s why we developed the AirLux™ Blanket – lightweight and durable. It stays cool yet continues to look fresh wash after wash.

In areas that experience more seasonal temperature fluctuation, many hotels will swap their comforters and duvet inserts for something with a heavier weight in the winter. Comforters with a heavier weight, like LuxSoft® or Elevations™ will retain more warmth than AirLux™.

Remember that cotton tends to be more breathable and cooler than polyester. We recommend 100% cotton Lynova® quite often in humid, hot climates.

Need Help Making the Right Choice?

Selecting the right linens for a hotel or resort isn’t easy. Our team of textile consultants can help you make an educated decision based on your functional requirements and budgetary needs. Contact us if you have any questions. If you’re interested in duvets for your home, Standard Textile Home, offers several duvet options.