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May 25, 2023

Are 100% Cotton Towels Right for Your Property?

A stack of 100% cotton towels.

In the world of textiles, 100% cotton has long been associated with luxury and quality. Retail stores often promote 100% cotton products as the best of the best. While it’s true that 100% cotton towels can offer a great experience, there is a big difference between towels used in your home and the towels used in your hotel or rental.

Hospitality towels will be used and washed almost daily. Because of this, when selecting new towels, there are other important things to think about beyond just a soft touch.

What are the Benefits of 100% Cotton Towels?

Lynova® uses luxurious, low twist microcotton to create the softest towels in hospitality. Image shows a stack of 100% cotton towels in a bathroom setting.

Lynova® Towels are the softest, plushest towels in hospitality. But, will their all-cotton construction stand up to constant laundering in your hotel or rental property?

Cotton has a rich history in the textile industry and has been used for centuries in various applications. When it comes to towels, here are the key benefits of choosing 100% cotton:

  • Softness: 100% cotton towels are very soft and feel comfortable against the skin. This can enhance the overall guest experience, offering a touch of luxury and comfort
  • Absorbency: Cotton fibers have a natural ability to soak up water, making 100% cotton towels good at drying and providing a comfortable experience for guests.
  • Breathability: Cotton is a breathable fabric, providing a cool and refreshing feeling. This can be particularly important in warm and humid environments, as it helps prevent odors caused by moisture buildup.

What are the Drawbacks to 100% Cotton Towels?

dark cosmetic stain on a white 100% cotton towel

100% cotton towels are more prone to staining than their cotton/poly blend counterparts

Using towels in commercial settings like hotels or rentals can be very tough on them. Here are some drawbacks to consider with 100% cotton towels:

  • Less Durable: Frequent use and washing leads to increased wear and tear on 100% cotton towels. From the first wash, these towels begin to become less durable and plush. They will continue losing their original softness and appearance with continued laundering. Ultimately, 100% cotton towels will need to be replaced far sooner than towels reinforced with polyester.
  • Easier to Stain: Cotton holds onto stains and is much more difficult to treat compared to polyester products. This can lead to towels being taken out of service faster due to issues such as cosmetic staining.
  • Prone to Shrinkage: Cotton tends to shrink when exposed to high temperatures, which can occur during the laundry process. This shrinkage can affect the size and shape of the towels, potentially leading to inconsistencies in appearance and usability.
  • Longer Drying Time: While cotton towels are great at absorbing water, they can take longer to dry themselves. This means it may take more time for them to dry in the laundry. This can cost you more in labor and energy usage.

Alternatives to 100% Cotton

One common alternative to 100% cotton towels is a cotton-polyester blended towel. These towels are created by combining cotton fibers with polyester threads, offering a compromise between strength and softness. The polyester component adds durability, making the towels more resistant to shrinkage and general wear and tear. However, it’s important to note that adding polyester does reduce the overall softness and absorbency compared to 100% cotton towels.

Centium Core Technology® Offers the Perfect Blend of Comfort and StrengthA hand pinches several threads of 100% cotton yarn as they unwind from a spool.

To truly maximize the benefits of cotton while eliminating the drawbacks, you need a poly-cotton towel where the loops that guests feel on the surface are cotton, while the internal structure is reinforced with tough polyester fibers that are never seen or felt. This is exactly what our patented Centium Core Technology® achieves.

In the Centium® weaving process, only 100% premium, ring spun Cotton is used in the loops while the strong microfilament yarns are hidden beneath the surface. This means your guests will feel nothing but soft, luxurious cotton while the hidden core provides industrial strength and durability.

View our Centium Towel Products

So…Should I Buy 100% Cotton Towels?

The final verdict: It depends! While it is true that 100% cotton has a luxurious softness, these products will not hold up to high use commercial settings and industrial laundering. However, if guest experience is your primary concern and you are willing to sacrifice longevity and durability, then choosing a 100% Cotton towel might make sense.

100% Cotton Towel Recommendations: If you are looking for the plushest, softest all-cotton towel on the market, we recommend you consider our Lynova® luxury terry or our famous Capitol Collection® terry. For a more affordable cotton towel, you might also consider the distinctive Piano Key collection or the popular EuroTouch® terry.

Cotton/Polyester Towel Recommendations: Another option is to consider a traditional poly-cotton blended towel, which will improve strength and durability, but at the expense of some of the softness and comfort all-cotton towels are known for. Our favorites in this category are EuroSoft® terry or the uniquely textured Pique Weave collection.

Centium Core® Towel Recommendations: If you’re looking for none of the drawbacks of the previous two options, a towel made with Centium Core Technology® is the obvious choice. Your guests will enjoy all the comfort of cotton with strength and durability that will keep your towels soft and fresh, wash after wash! Our favorite Centium towel products include the luxurious Vidori® and Luxury Stripe® collections. More budget-minded properties can’t go wrong with either the EuroClassique® or ForeverSoft™ collections.

A Standard Textile pop up featuring 100% cotton towels and blankets.

Still Can’t Decide?

Our knowledgeable textile consultants have helped thousands of properties select the right towel for their environment. If you’re still unsure of which towel might be right for you, contact us and we’ll be happy to narrow down your options and provide recommendations.