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October 27, 2020

CMG’s October Color Alert®: Mono Tasking

CMG Color Alert

Color Alert® is an exciting monthly feature from Color Marketing Group® (CMG), illuminating one color each month from CMG’s World Color Forecast and validating  color predictions in the market.



Intense and focused, Mono Tasking is a color for contemplation and strength, and far from singular in action. 

Blue is often viewed as humble and amiable color, but Mono Tasking hints at blue’s strong attributes of prestige and power. Predicted in 2018 during Color Marketing Group’s European meetings to emerge in 2020, Mono Tasking introduces a trend-forward, directional dark blue that moves beyond traditional hues of navy and midnight blues. 

Out of the blue 

With its familiar blue origin, this deep blue is emerging in products that stand well on their own, radiate a sense of direction and clout. Thanks to the subtle red undertone, Mono Tasking creates an aura of authority, with a hem of purpose. 

Acute and concise, or elegant and comforting, no matter the material, Mono Tasking is an influential colorFor interior spaces, Mono Tasking is an essential addition to deeper toned color options. It has a commanding presence or takes a background position to support a space and the items within. Furnishings, textiles, rugs, and accessories utilize Mono Tasking’s subtle strength to create a sense of familiarity. An enticing sofa adds a single, grounding visual note in Mono Tasking, while smaller pieces such as chairs, window treatments, and accessories add visual cues to the eye to settle and ease the mind. 

How our customers are Mono Tasking

At Standard Textile, we’re seeing requests for fabric samples in deep blue color tones for both hospitality and healthcare. In hospitality, customers are pairing this deep blue with gray, lime, and mustard. The addition of pops of neutrals help lighten the deep blue, pulling in colors inspired by natural stone. Big, bold, textural fabrics for furnishings, top of bed, and drapery are just a few ways our customers are adding drama to their spaces.  

We’ve also been combining deep blue with jewel tones of green, red, and purple to create rich, luxurious, grand spaces. Mixing finishes and materials such as velvet, leather, and tweed to add texture, dimension, and depth. In healthcare, we’re seeing darker blues paired with light hues of green and gray, which creates a very calming, comforting palette for privacy curtains, upholstery, and window treatments.  

Mono Tasking is even making an appearance in Standard Textile Home, our collection of bedroom and bath essentials made for the finest hotels, now available to the public. The Cashmere Reversible Tassel Throw in Navy/Agean is a simple, elegant blue jewel two-tone design that will add a luxurious touch to your home. The versatility of this reversible throw will bring a sophisticated comfort to any room. The Circa Bed Wrap in Sea is a stylish and modern alternative to a bed skirt that creates the appearance of a platform bed frame. This new color addition is sure to add a splash.

Feelin’ the blues? 

Turn that frown upside down, and check out our fabric gallery for Mono Tasking color inspiration for your next project. 



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