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September 15, 2021

CMG’s September Color Alert®: A.I. Love

CMG Color Alert

Color Alert® is an exciting monthly feature from Color Marketing Group® (CMG), illuminating one color each month from CMG’s World Color Forecast and validating  color predictions in the market.



Computer Love

This intense, pink-red, with the slightest hint of blue, bursts with energy and celebrates its association to fun and technology-driven life. A.I. Love’s tech edge gives it a universal appeal that also crosses product and design categories. It is not a frivolous color, it is hot, powerful, and unique.

Coming alive during discussions about tech and lifestyle at Color Marketing Group’s 2019 Asia Pacific meetings, to emerge in 2021, it has set the course as a statement color for Action and Recreation, Decorative Home, Fashion, Packaging, and more.

Standard Textile fabrics featured: 1 ) Top to Bottom: Avenue in Rosewood, Hudson in Fuchsia, and Lunken in Berry 2) Cornice Board in Hudson, 3) Chair in Avenue, and 4) Drapery in Lunken

A Power Color for All

Focused on products for action and recreation that will range from sports equipment, clothing, toys, and more with a color that not only perform well with others but makes a great statement of pink power. No longer committed to specific genders or products, A.I. Love is free to embrace anything it wants and does so in various values, specialized finishes, and materials.

No Ordinary Love

A.I. Love brings excitement to decorative home fashions and furnishings. With so many cool colors in the market in the past few years, this color becomes a great connection to warmth, with its cool undertone connecting to current cool spaces, with the overall warmth of the color moving interior spaces in higher energy, warm direction.

Standard Textile fabrics featured: 1 ) Oslo in Flamingo, 2 & 3) Livingston in Gumball, 4) Healthcare Bedding in Lunken, and 5) Hospitality Bedding in Pivot in Rhubarb

It’s Electric

Great on its own, A.I. Love adds a brightness to organic-looking hues like olive, mustard, and cocoa, and elevates the style level of black, navy, and grey. It plays up its tech-electric side with other energized colors like orange and yellow and can morph its look with sheens and textiles from gloss and hard-edged to matte and flowing.

How our customers are showing (A.I.) Love to their Interiors 

At Standard Textile, we’re seeing requests for fabrics with accents of this energetic pink, as well as textured fabrics with a punch. In hospitality, customers are pairing neutrals, as well as bright colors with this pink-red forward color in furnishings and drapery. Textural fabrics for furnishings, throw pillows, and accent chairs, are just some ways our customers are bringing energy to their spaces.

In healthcare, we’re seeing A.I. Love used as an accent color in fabrics for furnishings such as chairs for lobbies and offices, as well as privacy curtains, adding a bit of flair to neutral patterns. These fabrics also bring a playful, youthful look and feel to pediatric environments and Women Centers. Texture and patterns delight the eye and brighten the room.

Nothing but love for fabrics! Check out our fabric gallery for A.I. Love color inspiration for your next project.



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