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November 4, 2020

Fabric Trend Capsule: Patterned Fabrics

Textiles are one of the core elements of interior design. They are an important tool to create a mood and set the tone for a space based on a client’s needs and the space’s intended purpose. Here is a collection of fabrics that are trending for 2021 based on the S/S Print and Pattern Reports.


Earth-Worn Dyes

Earth-worn dyes are naturally worn surfaces that are translated into woven and dyed textiles. They embrace the natural bleed of hand-dyeing processes and create unique patterns, either in controlled or more distressed styles.

Earth-Worn Dyes Fabrics Featured:

  1. Static 03/Haze  |  Applications: Cornice Board, Drapery, and Top of Bed
  2. Terrain 01/Cashmere  |  Applications: Cornice Board, Drapery, and Top of Bed


Alluring Geometrics

3D shapes give a variety of geometric-inspired ranges while adding a tactile quality to goods. These patterns stand out: bright color, extravagant architecture, and bold patterns add visual interest.

Alluring Geometric fabrics featured:

  1. Cubism 05/Summer Day  |  Applications: Sunbrella Upholstery
  2. Queensgate 04/Wedgewood  |  Applications: Top of Bed and Drapery
  3. Lunken 05/Indigo  |  Application: Drapery


Back to Basics

Subtle textures, space dyes, and muted colorways give these fabrics long-term appeal.  These single color fabrics make it easy for customers to add to existing spaces.

Back to Basics fabrics featured:

  1. Nova 01/Putty  |  Application: Top of Bed
  2. Melbourne 12/Teak  |  Application: Upholstery


Intricate Weaves

Traditional woven and checked textiles with vibrant intricate weaves gives these fabrics texture. Combine with varying thickness of materials to create a light to heavy construction work.

Intricate Weave fabrics featured:

  1. Manchester 05/Lichen  |  Application: Upholstery,
  2. Crosstown 04/Grain  |  Application: Crypton Upholstery


Rules were made to be broken

The great thing about patterned fabrics is there are no rules. Layered patterns are becoming more prevalent in textiles. Pattern mixing with similar colors tying together patterns of varying origin and scale is one of many ways to tie this trend together. Pattern matching, where the same pattern flows from the wall to upholstered furniture or bedding, is also trending in the patterned fabric scene.

Whether you aim to design a space with patterned fabrics that recreate elements of nature to achieve an earth-worn look, alluding to craftsmanship vibe intricate weaves and neutral basics, or combining retro, geometric fabrics to create vibrant interiors, patterned fabrics can really make or break a space out of the box.

From bold to basic, patterns can really make a statement. View our fabric gallery for our additional pattern inspiration.



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