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March 14, 2022

Finding the Perfect Nap-Friendly Blanket

Choose the right blanket to help your guests nap comfortably

Today is National Napping Day, and to celebrate this occasion we’re spotlighting blankets. After all, is there anything that goes with a good nap better than a soft, warm blanket?

While filled comforters tend to get the most attention, a flat blanket makes a perfect companion for an impromptu mid-day nap. For those times when pulling back the covers on the hotel bed is just too much effort, having a luxurious extra blanket bedside is a welcome addition for tired travelers. But how can you decide which option will suit your guests best?

This blog is part of a series celebrating the National Sleep Foundation’s Sleep Awareness Week® by spotlighting ways hotel and hospitality professionals can help their guests enjoy more restful sleep. Click here to explore the full series. 

What makes a great napping blanket?

There are many factors to consider when it comes to choosing the right napping blanket. From thermal properties and softness to weight and breathability, here is a look at what makes a great blanket for napping:

  • Softness: Everyone loves a soft blanket, and your guests are no exception. For ultimate comfort and luxury, 100% cotton is ideal. However, there are several more affordable options that also provide impressive softness, including cotton-polyester blends and fleece.
  • Thermal Properties: When thinking about the thermal properties of a blanket, consider the local climate. Cotton offers luxurious comfort and breathability that is perfect for a tropical climate. For colder climates, you may want to consider a cotton-polyester blend or a heavier material, such as fleece, to lock in warmth.
  • Weight & Breathability: The physical weight and breathability of a blanket are also important considerations. Lightweight blankets, such as 100% cotton and cotton-polyester blends, tend to be more breathable, which helps avoid overheating during longer slumbers. Heavier blankets, such as fleece, tend to be less breathable, making them a good choice for those satisfying power naps.

Discover the perfect Standard Textile blanket for your guests’ napping pleasure

Nap Friendly Blankets

Lynova® – The ultimate in Luxury
A look and feel like no other. Lynova’s exclusive “air-pillow” design delights the eye and invites the touch. Guests will drift off to sleep, nestled in the warm, breathable comfort of premium 100% long-staple cotton. Learn more about the Lynova® blanket for your organization or visit Standard Textile Home to purchase for enjoyment in your own home.

Herringbone – The perfect blend of comfort and affordability
50% luxurious cotton and 50% durable polyester combine to make the Herringbone blanket a perfect compromise between low cost-per-use and impressive comfort. With an advanced closed-cell structure and an attractive herringbone pattern, your guests are sure to take notice. Read more

SnowStorm® – Budget friendly with the familiar comfort of fleece
The 100% polyester fleece of SnowStorm® blankets offer the nostalgic, recognizable comfort of fleece while managing to provide exceptional service life and durability. A budget-friendly choice your guests will appreciate. Read more

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Now that you’ve selected the perfect blanket for your guests’ comfort, take a load off and enjoy a well-deserved nap of your own. Once a year won’t hurt, right? Happy National Napping Day!

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