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July 14, 2021

Going Beyond Conventional: D2 Convertible Flooring

Introducing Milliken for Standard Textile’s D2™ Convertible Flooring™.  Delivers the flexibility of a conventional mat with the stability of installed flooring with a patented technology that uses magnetic attraction to actively lock the top and base together. D2™ Convertible Flooring™ extends beyond the everyday entry and walk-off zones to establish protective flooring throughout building interiors.

Prior to D2™, increased floor safety and stability was achieved only by adding weight to conventional mats, or through permanently installed flooring. This meant users had to compromise aesthetics or flexibility. D2™ placements do not move, shift, or migrate, making them easy to deploy, clean, and maintain.

Two Dynamic Design Options

D2™ Tops are offered in two types, launderable and clean in place. Both versions can be custom printed. Supply your own art or work with our designers to come up with your own unique design. No minimums for custom printing required.

D2 Launderable

  • Made to be thrown into a commercial washer setting
  • Light weight Top allows for easy rotation and removal
  • Custom printing available

D2 Clean in Place

  • Tufted textile attracts moisture and traps dirt
  • Top can be vacuumed and cleaned with water extraction
  • Custom printing available
Available in three patterns and colors

Available in three patterns and eight colors

Download Launderable Digital Cards Download Clean in Place Digital Cards

Maximizing both stability and design, the low-profile, lay-flat D2™ placement minimizes slip, trip, and fall risks. The textile tops are up to 50% lighter than conventional mats making them easier to install and clean.


ADAPTEX Technology: Active Surface Technology

This patented technology uses magnetic attraction to actively lock the D2™ Top and Base together. Once paired, the lightweight Top stays in place and becomes functional, easy to clean, and anchored to the floor via this patented technology.

Available in Three Sizes for Maximum Coverage

Both D2™ Tops, Launderable and Clean in Place, are available in three sizes: small, medium, and large. The white outline shows base placement in relation to the flooring size.

D2 Small Flooring

D2 Medium Flooring

D2 Large Flooring


Custom printed D2 Convertible Flooring

Better Textiles, Delivered Seamlessly.

For more information about Milliken for Standard Textile’s D2™ Convertible Flooring™ download our brochure, or contact us for a sample.