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August 20, 2019

Protect Patients with DermaTherapy®

A nurse's hand rests on a patient's shoulder.

DermaTherapy®is the Industry’s first and only FDA cleared bedding proven to prevent pressure injuries.

How DermaTherapy® Protects

DermaTherapy® therapeutic linen products are the next generation of healthcare bedding and gowns that have been designed to improve patient care and satisfaction while lowering overall healthcare costs. DermaTherapy® linen products have been tested in numerous clinical trials, involving over 30,000 patients at risk for pressure ulcers. The following is a summary of the tremendous results achieved during these trials:

  • Reductions in the incidence of HAPU development averaged 66% when using DermaTherapy® as compared with conventional bedding.
  • Reductions in the incidence of total pressure ulcers for patients at discharge averaged 20%. when using DermaTherapy® as compared with conventional bedding.
  • Reductions in the patients’ length of stay averaged 0.24 days.

DermaTherapy® Product Suite

While DermaTherapy® is a complete suite of linen products—Fitted Sheet, Flat Sheet, Pillowcase, Underpad, and Patient Gown—the two products that have the highest impact on preventing pressure injuries and improving patient care are the Fitted Sheet and the Underpad. Together, these two items provide the following benefits:

  • Reduce incidence of pressure injuries and associated costs (Received FDA Clearance June 2016)
  • Amplify the clinical performance and outcomes achieved with specialty mattresses.
  • Improve treatment for existing skin issues by optimizing the microclimate surrounding the patient.
  • Reduce bioburden, a potential source of infection, with a built-in antimicrobial and virtually lint free fabric
  • Minimize friction between fitted sheet and underpad, providing easier patient positioning and less back strain on clinicians.
  • Offer versatility for use on any healthcare bed
  • Provide moisture management and incontinence care, significantly reducing or eliminating in the cost of disposable underpads and associated medical waste.