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November 16, 2022

Reduce Mattress Replacement: Keep Your Mattresses in Service Longer

unmade mattress placed on bed frame in hotel room

In a typical hotel room, the mattress is often the most expensive item. And like many products today, they’re not getting cheaper. Raw material shortages and supply chain delays/shortages continue to drive up cost of mattresses for hotels and retail consumers alike. According to the International Sleep Products Association, the average unit price for US-produced mattresses increased 17.4% in the first quarter of 2022.

Hotels that forgo mattress protection typically see an annual mattress replacement rate of 6.5%. That cost is in addition to labor cost for cleaning or switching mattresses and remediation of bed bugs. Unfortunately, traditional felt mattress pads often used on hotel beds offer little to no protection against spills, bodily fluids, bed bugs, bacteria, and other contaminants. Basically, all the things you want to be protected from!

Flimsy felt mattress pads also wear out quickly, but are often selected by properties for their low unit cost. While they may be less expensive, with a replacement rate upwards of 33% per year mattress pad spending adds up.

Think of the capital improvements and additional amenities a hotelier could offer if they could recoup even a fraction of the annual replacement costs of mattresses and mattress pads.

Without Mattress Protection – Mattress Costs Skyrocket

For a 250-room property without mattress protection, annual replacement cost of mattresses averages $7,750. That same property also spends approximately $1680 on mattress pads. Total mattress and mattress pad bill? Nearly $9500 per year!

With a simple investment in mattress protection, you could reduce your mattress/mattress pad replacement costs by 70% – saving 12 mattresses per year.

Skeptical? We were too, until we examined the numbers….

Savings With AllerEase® Mattress Protection

Our hotel partners using Allerease® Professional Mattress Encasements typically see their mattress replacement rates plummet from 6.5% a year to 1.9%. Yes, you read that correctly. With AllerEase®, our customers have seen their mattress replacement rate fall under 2%.

AllerEase® mattress protection completely encases and protects beds. What does it all protect against? Spills and fluids can’t penetrate the waterproof barrier. Bedbugs cannot pass through the fabric or zipper either. Furthermore, the antimicrobial barrier actually inhibits growth of microbes on the fabric, a unique feature for the AllerEase® line. For a complete summary of AllerEase® features click here.

Reduce Annual Spend on Mattress Pads

The top of AllerEase® Platinum mattress encasement take the place of a traditional mattress pad. The toppers can be easily and quickly zipped off as needed by housekeeping. Instead of a traditional mattress pad replacement rate of 33%, AllerEase® mattress toppers (available in Gold, Platinum, and Platinum Plus), have an annual replacement rate of less than 5%.

That coupled with the AllerEase® extended 10-year warranty, your investment in mattresses and mattress protection is, well, protected!

Recoup Investment in Less than 3 Years

With our current assumptions, a hotelier would recoup their investment in AllerEase® in only 27 months. After the investment is recouped, that same 250-room property would save nearly $7000 per year on mattresses and mattress pads.

Request a Personalized Cost Savings Analysis

The cost savings we’ve outlined here are for a 250 room, mid-market property. Hotels all have unique variables that impact their potential savings. For example, Las Vegas strip or New Orleans’ Bourbon Street may have a higher mattress replacement rate than other destinations.

If you are curious about how AllerEase® could reduce your mattress replacement rate, we would be happy to assist!


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