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July 27, 2020

Roller Shades: More Than a Trend

Cleanliness has always been important, but now every facet of a hotel room must be considered in a different way. That includes window coverings. Where a few years ago some designers may not have immediately suggested roller shades as an attractive option, in today’s environment, contemporary roller shades are being touted for their crisp, modern aesthetic; straightforward ease of use; and increased durability.

Roller shades are trending in the hospitality market because they look equally beautiful in a modern, minimalist space as they do under drapery panels in a classic, traditional setting. And roller shades contribute to the overall focus on cleanliness in guest rooms and public spaces, because easily cleanable fabric options are available, including antimicrobial solutions.

What do you mean by roller shades, exactly?

Roller shades consist of a headrail and one or two solid pieces of fabric or synthetic material that can be easily cleaned and disinfected. For a softer look, they can also be paired with drapes—and the drapery fabric can be treated with an antimicrobial finish as well.

Let the sunshine in or choose to completely block it out. A classic combination would be a dual roller shade, with a blackout shade placed closest to the window and the sheer shade facing the room. By adding side and sill channels to the blackout shade, total room darkening can be achieved.

Roller Shade Installation Made Easy

We understand that the prospect of overhauling window treatments across a hotel property seems daunting. That’s why we offer turnkey project management support – from design to manufacturing and measurement to installation– to ensure your project goes off without a hitch.

Watch the video here for a look at an incredible installation at a property in downtown Denver that we managed from beginning to end:

“This project included over 2,100 window treatments,” shared Jen Held from our Hospitality team, based in Colorado. “The install was done in four weeks. Typically, motorized shades can be a bit complex, but our install team made it easy.”

Why are roller shades a smart choice?

Easy to Clean with Antimicrobial Protection

As we mentioned, roller shades are easy to wipe down and clean without risk of chemical damage. Antimicrobial coatings, such as Microban Antimicrobial Protection, offer an added level of protection against microbes such as stain-and-odor causing bacteria, mold, and mildew that commonly occur in hotel rooms. Reach out to our team to discuss antimicrobial options and specific cleaning recommendations as they vary by shade type.

With Roller Shades, the Sky’s the Limit

You have options. In an environment where you may want to reduce the number of surfaces that are touched regularly within a guest room, automatic motorized shades may be a great selection. Further, whether the shades are manual or motorized, they are fully customizable. Antimicrobial treatments and designing for cleanliness do not mean sacrificing the look. Choose from modern fabrics, patterns, colors, or custom printed designs.

Voice-Activated Roller Shades, Anyone?

“Open the window shades and let the light in!” Roller shades align with emerging technology trends. While many luxury hotels now offer tablets with electronic controls of room temperature, window shades, and more, in the near future many other properties may also be incorporating handless technology solutions to help reduce the possibility of virus transmission on shared surfaces.

Motorized solutions are a great intersection between automated technology and manual raising and lowering. Guest can control light levels and room privacy with the touch of one button that can be wiped down and sterilized in between guest stays.

Window Shade Trends: What We See at Standard Textile

Printed décor can help bring your imagination and your brand to life. With custom digital printing , there are unlimited color selections and boundless design possibilities. Supply your own art or work with our talented designers to conceive your special style.

Roller shades are an amazing design solution. Need help refining your choices or curious about how we can help you solve your design dilemmas? Reach out today.