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March 29, 2021

Trend Capsule: Decorative Shadecloth

Deco Solar Shade

Clean and Simple Window Treatments

Window treatments are moving more towards ‘clean and simple’ in both aesthetic and functionality. Motorized and cordless solar shades are on the rise in popularity because of their ability to bring simplicity, convenience, and safety into a space. Subtle texture is key, especially rattan textured.

Check out our selection of decorative shadecloth fabrics we have for window treatment projects. From neutral lines to woven textures, our collection of shadecloths are sure to shed some light on your window treatment project.

Types of Shadecloth

Shadecloth is available in blackout, light filtering, and sheer. Consider the following when choosing one of these options:

  1. Blackout shadecloth fabrics will completely prevent UV rays from entering the home, keeping rooms cooler during the summer, and protecting furnishings from fading due to UV rays. Spaces where occupants are stationary, and may benefit from a darker shade cloth that will reduce glare. These shades are great for rooms that require a bit more privacy, such as conference rooms, media rooms, and guest rooms.
  2. Light filtering shadecloth fabrics allow diffused light to enter the room, giving your space more of a glow. Use of a light filtering shade can brighten the room and reduce the need for artificial lighting, saving on electricity. Spaces where occupants are moving, and can afford more daylight as occupants are less sensitive to heat and glare. Perfect for spaces with movement such as lobbies, waiting rooms, and any space that needs more natural light.

Make it your own!

Looking to make a statement in a room with a custom shadecloth design? Maybe even brand a room with your company’s logo? We offer custom printing and design capabilities. Supply your own artwork, or work with our design experts to come up with a design that is all your own.

Have more questions about shadecloth fabrics? Contact us to see how we can help on your next window treatment project.