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November 11, 2020

VIDEO: Complete Mattress Protection That’s a Breeze to Install and Keep Clean

AllerEase Installation Video

One of the most consistently asked questions we receive about AllerEase® Professional Mattress Encasements is “How difficult is it to install and change?”

In this video, see in real time, how quick an AllerEase® Professional Mattress Encasement with the Duraflex™ Base and Zip-off Top can be installed.

Since housekeepers are spending more time focused on other important cleanliness initiatives in guest rooms, the last thing they need is to add complexity and coordination in order to swap out a mattress encasement. Meanwhile, hotel operations teams are also overloaded with updating cleaning protocols. Basically: doing more with less time has become the new norm. Traditionally, swapping a mattress encasement has been a two-or three-person job. The AllerEase® Duraflex™ System has revolutionized the encasement installation and changing process.

Easy, One Person Installation of Mattress Encasements

The AllerEase® Duraflex™ Base can be installed by a single person. The Duraflex™ Base only needs to be changed if it becomes dirty or soiled. No need to remove the base when changing the top. The top zips right off and on—offering complete mattress protection.

Changing the top—which is available in three plushness levels—is a cinch. When the top needs to be changed, your staff only has to remove the top—not the entire encasement. Housekeepers only need to zip off the top for laundering and replace it with a fresh one between guests. Resort Manager at The Kartrite Hotel & Waterpark in Monticello, NY, Arvin Missick shares when asked about concerns with installing and changing the encasements out, “It was pretty seamless, and I would recommend these to fellow colleagues in the industry.”

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