Clarus Boards

Healthboard’s non-porous, bacteria-resistant surface makes it the ideal communication tool for hospital rooms, nurse stations, and other areas where patient health is the highest priority. Fabricated from safety glass, Healthboard’s dry-erase surface offers rich color palettes through two customizable product line options, ColorDrop and Transition.

ColorDrop features graphics printed directly to glass using proprietary technology from Clarus. Design your own beautifully colored, intricately detailed graphics to print directly to the back of your glassboard.

Transition is a removable graphics system that allows you to customize your glassboard’s purpose. Interchange charts, designs, and other dynamic information with this state-of-the-art solution. All Transition graphics are fully customizable and printed in complete, high-resolution color.

Choose from over 50 popular Healthboard design templates or provide your own artwork.

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A Clarus Glass Board on the wall of a Healthcare facility.

Image is of a Clarus Board with a hand writing on the board.

Image is of a large Clarus Board in a hospital corridor.

The image is of a Clarus Board with a fun cartoon graphic behind the glass. It is a pediatric hospital room.