D2 Convertible Flooring

Milliken for Standard Textile’s D2 (Dynamic Design) Convertible Flooring extends beyond the every day entry and walk-off zones to establish protective flooring throughout building interiors. D2’s two-part design delivers the flexibility of conventional mats with the stability of installed flooring. 

D2 utilizes Adaptex Active Surface Technology. This patented technology uses magnetic attraction to actively lock the D2 Top and Base together. Once paired, the lightweight Top stays in place, and will not move, shift or migrate, making them easy to deploy, clean, and maintain.

D2 Tops are offered in two types, launderable and clean in place. Both versions can be custom printed. Our available selection of D2 Convertible Flooring is featured below.

Download the D2™ Convertible Flooring™ brochure [pdf]

D2™ Launderable Flooring

D2 Launderable Flooring option is made to be thrown into a commercial washer setting.

Available in three patterns:

Each pattern is available in three colors: Dark Grey, Grey, and Brown.

Custom printing is available.

Download D2™ Launderable Flooring Digital Cards [pdf]

D2™ Clean in Place Flooring

D2 Clean in Place Flooring option is a tufted textile attracts moisture and traps dirt. Top can be vacuumed and cleaned with water extraction.

Available in three patterns: 

Each pattern is available seven colors: Dark Grey, Grey, Dark Blue, Blue, Dark Green, Mocha, and Brown.

Custom printing is available.

Download D2 Clean in Place Flooring Digital Cards [pdf]

Custom Printing Available

Supply your own art or work with our designers to create a unique design for your D2 Convertible Flooring.

No minimums for custom printing required.

Available for both Launderable and Clean in Place flooring.

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A man adjusting floor mat

D2 Clean in Place Convertible Flooring in Fizz/Brown

Custom Printed D2 Convertible Flooring

D2 Clean in Place Convertible Flooring in Fizz/Grey

D2 Launderable Convertible Flooring in Dot/Brown