TAL Designer Sheets

TAL Designer Collection sheeting delivers a luxurious guestroom experience paired with the performance a hotel requires. We’ve collaborated with award-winning designer Todd-Avery Lenahan to offer an exclusive, groundbreaking collection of striking jacquard ensembles that combine our patented Centium Core Technology® with Todd-Avery’s uniquely elevated aesthetic, crafted for the world’s finest hoteliers.

This family of textiles provides the pleasure of a rich, luxurious sleep experience combined with unsurpassed durability, extended product service life, crease-resistant finish, and superior cost management.


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Two pillows on hotel bed made with TAL Designer Sheets in Braque.

TAL Designer Sheets: Braque

Two standard pillows, decorative pillow, and TAL designer sheets in Concerto

TAL Designer Sheets: Concerto

Detail of TAL concerto sheets

TAL Designer Sheets: Concerto

TAL Designer sheet with wavy lines, or Dune design.

TAL Designer Sheets: Dune