Top Cover with Integrated Bed Scarf

Our exclusive integrated bed scarf combines function and fashion. The all-in-one construction joins the bed scarf and the top cover, so there is no need to purchase or dry-clean a separate scarf. This innovative product simplifies bed make-up, and assures consistent and symmetrical orientation. The patented top cover is available in a Block-on-Block design to complement any room color or décor.

Using multicolor dyed yarns, we weave the scarf seamlessly into the fabric of our ComforTwill® top cover. These unique yarns provide years of service, while the two colorways, Kaleidoscope and Songbird, coordinate with a wide variety of décor. This all-in-one solution simplifies bed make up and reduces operating costs—no separate scarf to buy, wash, and replace.

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A detail shot of a hotel bed featuring a top cover with integrated bed scarf with our block-on-block pattern and songbird color option.

Top Cover with Integrated Bed Scarf: Block-on-Block in Songbird

Top Cover with Integrated Bed Scarf (top to bottom): Block-on-Block in Songbird and Kaleidoscope

Top Cover with Integrated Bed Scarf: Block-on-Block in Kaleidoscope