Centium Core Technology®

Operational costs in healthcare and hospitality environments are extraordinary, particularly as they relate to the number of textiles used and processed daily. We recognize that to reduce replacement costs of textiles, customers need a stronger, more durable product that will endure the stresses and rigors of institutional laundering and processing. We also recognize that end users desire textile products that are soft and comforting.

That’s why we created Centium Core.

Centium Core Technology® is a fabric formation technology that reconfigures the base yarns of a woven fabric. One-hundred percent cotton yarn encapsulates Centium synthetic microfilament bundles. This unique construction delivers unsurpassed durability and longevity and a soft touch since the greatest number of yarns touching the skin are cotton.

Centium Core Technology is one of our key innovation platforms. We’ve engineered and designed a full range of terry, sheeting, and other products that utilize this innovative weaving technology.

Since the launch of Centium Core products, customers have achieved significant savings due to reduced replacement costs and lower operational expenses, while maintaining the feel and luster of cotton.

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Two stacks of folded bath towels on a grey background.

A stack of folded bed sheets, an additional folded sheets is draped over the top of the stack.

An illustration showing a cross-section of how Centium Core Technology is woven.