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September 13, 2022

Save Time & Money with Pre-Washed Sheets & Towels

Save money with pre-washed sheets & towels

Receiving a new order of linen is an exciting time – everyone loves fresh new towels and sheets. That is, until you realize that all of that linen has to be washed in the laundry before heading to your rooms.

Not only can a new shipment of linen cause a major laundry backlog, but the costs of this initial laundering can really add up. The cost and hassle of this initial wash is what led us to create our innovative Room Ready for You® Laundered with Tide® program. This program delivers pre-washed sheets and towels to your properties, ready for immediate use.

What is Room Ready for You,® Laundered with Tide®?

Our proprietary Room Ready process integrates laundering into our manufacturing process, providing pre-washed sheets and towels that you can use straight out of the box. The process is conducted in a Clean Room environment to avoid contamination and products are carefully packed in a thick plastic liner for protection during transport.

Pre-washed sheets & towels save you time & money

What are the benefits of pre-washed sheets and towels?

There are 5 key benefits to our Room Ready for You® Laundered with Tide® process:

  • Ready to Use – Pre-washed sheets and towels eliminate the first wash. These Room Ready products arrive clean, fresh and ready for immediate use right out of the box.
  • Time & Money Saver – Produces immediate savings by bypassing time, labor, and costs of up-front processing. Some of our customers have saved up to 12% of their linen acquisition cost!
  • Minimal disruptions – With pre-washed linen, you avoid the laundry disruptions caused by the need to launder 100s of items all at once. In addition, cases of Room Ready product can be kept on hand as a back stock or for periods of high demand.
  • Sustainability – Our laundering process is built into the manufacturing process. Because of this, it is significantly more efficient and uses less water than a traditional laundry setting.
  • No Harsh Chemicals – Room Ready products are pre-laundered with P&G ProLine Tide. In addition, products are pH balanced to maximize guest comfort.

Graphic for "Room Ready for You" laundered with Tide.

Why can’t unwashed linen go straight to a guest room?

Using new linen that hasn’t been pre-washed can result in a number of guest experience issues. Firstly, unwashed linen has a scratchy, uncomfortable feel that will certainly lead to guest complaints. In addition, unwashed linen is not pH balanced, which can cause skin irritation in guests. For your guest’s comfort and safety, you should always ensure new linen is properly washed prior to use.

How much could I save with pre-washed sheets and towels?

Image of a waves on a pool of water with water droplets flying.

Due to inflation and other factors, the cost of laundry has seen a significant rise. The average laundry cost per pound is $0.40 as of September 2022. Our Room Ready program eliminates one wash and dry cycle for all of your sheets and towels. This saves properties an average of 10-12% of their linen acquisition cost.

As an example, if your property orders $5,000 worth of sheets and towels, you are saving roughly $500-600 when you buy Room Ready products.

Which of your products come pre-washed?

A wide range of our towels and sheeting products come Room Ready for You® Laundered with Tide®.

View pre-laundered towels

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For further assistance with selecting the right pre-washed sheets and towels for your property, contact us today!