Textiles & Décor for Healthcare, Hospitality, & Interiors

Innovative textiles designed and manufactured to meet the specific needs of the healthcare, hospitality, and interior design industries.

100% Cotton Bathrobe

AirLux Blanket

AllerEase® Pillows

AllerEase® Professional Duraflex System Zippered Mattress Encasements

AllerEase® Pillow Protectors

AllerEase® Ultimate Mattress Encasement & Box Spring Cover

Artesano Bath Rug

Avila® Napery

Bailey Bathrobe

Billy Bathrobe

Capitol Collection Towels

Centima® Sheets

Centium Satin Sheets

Chamber Hotel Pillows

Circa® Bed Wrap

Clarus Boards

Classic Cam Towels

Classic Dobby Towels

Classic Mattress Pads

Classic Pool Towels

Clean Room Accessories

Closet Drapery

Clothing Protectors

Colorfill Pool Towels

Comfort Cloud Mattress Pad

ComforTwill® Sheets

ComPel® Isolation Gown

ComPel® MLR Surgical Gowns

ComPel® Protective Lab Coats

ComPel® Surgical Drapes & Covers

ComPel® Surgical Gowns

ComPly® MVP Underpads

ComPly® Underpads

CubeControl® Cubicle Curtain Management

Cumulus® Top Cover

Custom Bed Surrounds

Custom Healthcare Bedspreads

Custom Top of Bed

Custom Wallcoverings

DermaTherapy® Bed Linens

DermaTherapy® Patient Positioning System

DermaTherapy® Underpads

Disposable Curtains for Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities

Duvet Covers

Dyed Sheets

EasyRelease® Isolation Gowns

Elevations Comforter

Elevations Towels

Encircle® Box Spring Cover

EuroClassique® Towels

EuroSoft® Towels

EuroSpa® Bathrobe

EuroSpa® Pool Towels

EuroTech® Underpads

EuroTech® Mattress Pad

EuroTouch® Towels

Fitness Towels

ForeverSoft Towels

Geometric Dual-Tone Bathrobe

Government Bath Towels

Government Bedding

Government Incontinence Products

Gradient Towels

Healthcare & Hospital Pillows

Healthcare Bath Towels

Healthcare Fabrics

Healthcare Sheeting

Healthcare Specialty Patient Gowns & Apparel

Herringbone Blanket

Honeycomb Bathrobe

Hospital Blankets & Spreads

Hospital Blankets for Babies

Hospital Gowns

Hospital Gowns for Kids & Pediatric Apparel

Hospital Scrubs & Staff Apparel Programs

Hospitality Fabrics

ImagePoint® Custom Printed Décor

Innerloft® Blanket

Integrity® Underpads

Interiors Fabrics

Interiors Products & Custom Projects for Government Facilities

Isolation Gown Dispenser Bag

Logan Bathrobe

Logan Waffle Bathrobe

LuxSoft® Comforter

Luxury Stripe® Towels

Lynova® Napery

Lynova® Blanket

Lynova® Towels

Microfiber Cleaning Cloths & Pads

Nikki Bathrobe

On The Right Track® Privacy Curtains

Paragon Cotton Sheets

Perfect Panel® Privacy Curtains

PerVal® Underpads

Pique Weave Towels

PolyLite Underpads

ProMax® Surgical Gowns

Protective Apparel for Hospitality

Rachel Bathrobe

Reusable Surgical Products for Government

Satin Band Napery

Shop for Home :: Bath

Shop for Home :: Bedding

Shower Curtains

Single-Pick Percale Sheets

SnowStorm® 100% Polyester Blanket

Solar Shades

Staff & Patient Apparel and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for Government

Stripe Pool Towels

Surgical Towels

Surgical Wrapper

T-300 100% Cotton Sheets

TAL Braque Towels

TAL Designer Sheets

Traditional Privacy Curtains

TruVal® Underpads

Twill Print Underpads

Unisex, Men’s & Women’s Lab Coats

Versatility® Fitted Sheets

VersaTowel Hand-Wash Towel

VersaValet Hybrid Garment & Laundry Bag

Vidori® Sheets

Vidori® Towels

Waffle Bathrobe

Window Treatments

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