Textiles & Décor for Healthcare, Hospitality, & Interiors

Innovative textiles designed and manufactured to meet the specific needs of the healthcare, hospitality, and interior design industries.

100% Cotton Bathrobe

Acute Care Mattress

AirLux Blanket

AllerEase® Professional Duraflex System Zippered Mattress Encasements

AllerEase® Pillow Protectors

AllerEase® Pillows

AllerEase® Ultimate Mattress Encasement & Box Spring Cover

Artesano Bath Rug

Avila® Napery

Bailey Bathrobe

Bariatric Mattress

Billy Bathrobe

Capitol Collection Towels

Centima® Sheets

Centium Satin Sheets

Chamber Hotel Pillows

Circa® Bed Wrap

Circa® Modular

Clarus Boards

Classic Cam Towels

Classic Dobby Towels

Classic Mattress Pads

Classic Pool Towels

Clean Room Accessories

Clothing Protectors

Colorfill Pool Towels

Comfort Cloud Mattress Pad

ComforTwill® Sheets

ComPel® MLR Surgical Gowns

ComPel® Protective Lab Coats

ComPel® Surgical Drapes & Covers

ComPel® Surgical Gowns

ComPly® MVP Underpads

Comply® Underpads

CubeControl® Cubicle Curtain Management

Cumulus® Bathrobe

Cumulus® Top Cover

Custom Bed Surrounds

Custom Healthcare Bedspreads

Custom Top of Bed

Custom Wallcoverings

DermaTherapy® Underpads

Disposable Privacy Curtains

Duvet Covers

Dyed Sheets

Elevations Comforter

Elevations Pool Towels

Elevations Towels

EuroClassique® Towels

EuroSoft® Towels

EuroSpa® Bathrobe

EuroSpa® Pool Towels

EuroTech® Underpads

EuroTech® Mattress Pad

EuroTouch® Towels

Fitness Towels

ForeverSoft Towels

Geometric Dual-Tone Bathrobe

Gradient & Transitions® Towels

Healthcare Bath Towels

Healthcare Blankets & Spreads

Healthcare Fabrics

Healthcare Pillows

Healthcare Sheeting

Healthcare Specialty Patient Gowns & Apparel

Herringbone Blanket

Honeycomb Bathrobe

Hospitality Fabrics

ImagePoint® Custom Printed Décor

Innerloft® Blanket

Integrity® Underpads

Interiors Fabrics

Isolation Gown Dispenser Bag

Isolation Gowns

Lab Coats

Logan Bathrobe

Logan Waffle Bathrobe

Long Term Care Mattress

LuxSoft® Comforter

Luxury Stripe® Bathrobe

Luxury Stripe® Towels

Lynova® Napery

Lynova® Blanket

Lynova® Towels

Microfiber Cleaning Cloths & Pads

Nikki Bathrobe

On The Right Track® Privacy Curtains

Paragon Cotton Sheets

Patient Gowns

Pediatric Gowns & Apparel

Perfect Panel® Privacy Curtains

PerVal® Underpads

Pique Weave Towels

PolyLite Underpads

ProMax® Surgical Gowns

Protective Apparel for Hospitality

Rachel Bathrobe

Receiving Blankets

Remarkable® Bath Rug

Satin Band Napery

Shop for Home :: Bath

Shop for Home :: Bedding

Shower Curtains

Single-Pick Percale Sheets

SnowStorm® Blanket

SoftStep Bath Mat

SoftSupport Hotel Pillows

Solar Shades

Staff Apparel & Scrubs Program

Stripe Pool Towels

Surgical Towels

Surgical Wrappers

T-300 100% Cotton Sheets

TAL Braque Towels

TAL Designer Sheets

Top Cover with Integrated Bed Scarf

Traditional Privacy Curtains

TruVal® Underpads

Twill Print Underpads

Versatility® Fitted Sheets

Vidori® Sheets

Vidori® Towels

Waffle Bathrobe

Window Treatments

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