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Why Standard Textile?

Over 80 years of experience gives us an in-depth understanding of the challenges our customers face – and a keen appreciation of the ever-evolving nature of their business. That’s why we’re passionate about creating new products and technologies that deliver unsurpassed durability, longevity, comfort, and value.


We leverage textile design, innovation, and laundry expertise to create products that lower our customers’ overall costs while improving the experiences of those who use them.

Our Products


Our commitment to stand out is what makes us different. Our relentless drive to stay ahead is what makes us great. If a solution to a problem doesn’t exist, we create it. Then we patent it.

Our Innovations


Full control over our supply chain gives us an opportunity to innovate at every stage. Leading edge technology. Seamless manufacturing process. Consistent product quality. Dependable on-time delivery.

Our Reliability


We hold ourselves to a higher standard. A higher standard of why we exist. A higher standard of how we create. A higher standard for what’s next. We operate with One Standard for our customers and our company.

Our Culture


Our founder, Charles Heiman, laid the foundation for inspiring care, comfort and change in our communities. Modeled by four generations of family leadership, it’s a purpose that remains with us today.

Our Purpose