Centium Satin Sheets

Lavish Centium Satin™ combines the genuine luxury of long-staple, ring-spun, combed cotton with patented texturized microfilament yarns. Centium Satin™ Sheets and Pillowcases are engineered to offer a sensuously soft hand. A proprietary micro-emulsion finish ensures they retain their exquisite feel throughout their service life.

For nearly 80 years, we have served the most exclusive hotels in Europe and the Americas. Your guests have come to expect the sheer touch of the finest sheets and pillowcases in the world. That’s why Centium Satin™ is the impeccable choice.


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A hotel bed next to nightstand with Centium Satin sheets and two pillows.

Centium Satin™ Sheets

A stack of folded white Centium Satin sheets rest on a bed.

Centium Satin™ Sheets in Microcheck pattern

Close-up photo of Brix pattern Centium Satin Sheets

Centium Satin™ Sheets in Brix pattern

Close-up photo of Tuxedo Stripe Centium Satin Sheets

Centium Satin™ Sheets in Tuxedo Stripe pattern