From economy to luxury, our wide selection of wholesale towels provides cost-saving features for your budget while maximizing end user comfort.
A variety of border styles, patterns, and trims provide an endless array of high-quality terry options.




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The Right Towel Can Make a World of Difference

Selecting the right wholesale towels plays a crucial role in enhancing the comfort and satisfaction of your patients or guests. Your bath towels, hand towels, and wash towels are more than just functional necessities; they contribute to the overall experience within your facility. Investing in high-quality wholesale towels is an investment in customer satisfaction, contributing to a positive reputation and repeat business.

Durable and absorbent towels demonstrate a commitment to excellence, showcasing your dedication to providing a superior experience for guests or patients. We offer a range of bath, hand, and wash towels designed to meet your diverse needs, combining functionality with aesthetics to elevate the standard of comfort.


Is there a Difference between Wholesale Towels and Retail Towels?

Wholesale towels are built very differently than the towel sets sold at popular brick and mortar stores. That’s because wholesale towels are washed nearly every day, whereas the typical residential towel may only be washed a few times per month.

For hospitals, hotels, spas, and other high-use environments, it is crucial to invest in wholesale towels that have been engineered to withstand harsh conditions and constant use.


What Makes Standard Textile Towels Different?

  • Centium Core Technology®: Many of our towel collections utilize this proprietary technology, which combines the softness of pure cotton with the lasting strength of polyester. Our Centium Core® products stand up to the harsh conditions and constant use of hospitality and healthcare environments.
  • Ring Spun Yarn: Ring spinning is a time-consuming process that is more costly than open end yarn. But our collections which feature this premium yarn enjoy superior durability, softness, and absorbency that lasts, wash after wash.
  • Pre-laundered: Many of our collections are pre-laundered and ready to use upon arrival to your facility. This drastically reduces the time and cost associated with initial processing. Unlike competitors’ processes, our patented laundering process is built right into our manufacturing line and is performed in a clean room environment to ensure a hygienic result.


What is the Best Weight for a Bath Towel?

Bath towel weight is measured in pounds per dozen (lb/dz). A heavy weight bath towel (between 15-20 lb/dz) offers a plush, ultra-absorbent experience. However, a heavier weight also means a longer drying time. Medium-weight bath towels (10-15 lbs/dz) offer a good compromise between softness, absorbency, and drying time. These are a popular choice for many hospitality properties. Lightweight bath towels (5-10 lb/dz) offer a fast drying time and take up much less space on stockroom shelves. These are a popular choice among healthcare facilities.

Determining the ideal bath towel weight ultimately depends upon the importance you place on plushness, absorbency, and drying time. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and discover a bath towel option that is ideal for your facility.