Towels for Hospitality

Discover hotel towels that truly stand out in a crowded market of low-quality terry.
Our towels feature incredible softness woven with unrivaled durability. Wash after wash, these towels just keep performing.

Towels for Hospitality


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Hotel Towels that Elevate the Guest Experience

Guest comfort and satisfaction can start and end with the quality of your towels. The choice of hotel towels plays a critical role in shaping the overall guest experience. Investing in premium towels contributes significantly to the sense of comfort guests seek during their stay. The simple pleasure of an ultra-soft, plush bath towel can create a lasting impression and provide a feeling that lingers long after checkout.

In the competitive hospitality industry, where guest satisfaction is key, your choice of towels can also be a brand differentiator. Guests are likely to appreciate and remember the extra effort put into selecting hotel towels that not only meet functional expectations but exceed them. This can contribute to positive reviews, repeat business, and a distinguished reputation.

Luxury that Lasts, Wash After Wash

Having luxury towels for your property is great, but if they quickly fall apart in the laundry, your linen costs can skyrocket. That’s why we’re proud to offer our patented Centium Core Technology® in many of our towel collections. This technology works through ultra-strong microfilament yarns as opposed to traditional polyester. This gives improved tensile strength and results in a much longer service life, helping your towels stay on your shelf and avoid the landfill.

Ready to Use – Right out of the Box!

Our Room Ready for You® Laundered with Tide® program allows you to use hotel towels and linens straight out of the box. Room Ready products arrive clean, fresh and ready for immediate use, bypassing the time, labor and costs of up-front processing.

Our proprietary Room Ready process is conducted in a Clean Room environment in our sheeting and terry manufacturing facilities. Room Ready hotel towels are pH balanced and packaged securely in cartons with a thick, sealed plastic liner to ensure your hotel towels arrive clean and fresh.

Are 100% Cotton Hotel Towels Right for You?

When only the best will do, 100% cotton towels offer the ultimate in plush softness for your guests. However, these towels can degrade more quickly over time, resulting in higher replacement costs. Depending upon your budget and the guest experience you are trying to create, you may also consider hotel towels made with Centium Core Technology®. These towels offer a perfect blend of comfort and strength. Guests will enjoy the softness of pure cotton loops with added strength and durability that will keep your hotel towels soft and fresh, wash after wash.

What is the Best Weight for a Hotel Towel?

Hotel towels come in various weights measured in pounds per dozen (lb/dz). Opting for a heavy-weight hotel towel (ranging between 15-20 lb/dz) ensures a luxurious, ultra-absorbent experience. Keep in mind that a higher weight also means a longer drying time. For a well-balanced choice, consider medium-weight hotel towels (10-15 lbs/dz), offering a blend of softness, absorbency, and a reasonable drying time – making them a favored option for many establishments. If speed and storage efficiency are priorities, lightweight hotel towels (5-10 lb/dz) provide a quick drying time and occupy minimal space on stockroom shelves.

Selecting the ideal hotel towel weight hinges on your specific preferences for plushness, absorbency, and drying time. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and discover hotel towel options that are ideal for your property.