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Centium Core Technology®

Operational costs in healthcare and hospitality environments are extraordinary, particularly as they relate to the number of textiles used and processed daily. We recognize that to reduce replacement costs of textiles, customers need a stronger, more durable product that will endure the stresses and rigors of institutional laundering and processing. We also recognize that end users desire textile products that are soft and comforting.

In a traditional cotton-poly sheet or towel, two fibers are blended together. Cotton for comfort. Synthetic for strength. With this construction you feel both types of fibers touching your skin. Over time, the product feels less comfortable and wears out quickly.

That’s why we created Centium Core Technology®.

An illustration showing a cross-section of how Centium Core Technology is woven.

Unique Technology, Extraordinary Experience

With Centium Core® cotton and polyester are not blended together. Instead, a natural, cotton surface is wrapped around an ultra-strong synthetic fiber core.

Centium Core® products stay soft and comfortable – since the cotton threads are on the outside – yet remain strong because of the synthetic fibers inside. You receive all the benefits of cotton: softness, easy stain release, and whiteness. Plus the strength and durability of multifilament synthetic fiber, hidden within the core.

The result: end users experience soft cotton linens without even realizing the technology that lies beneath.

By the Numbers: Cost Saving Textiles

With Centium Core Technology®, sheeting and terry products may last 35% to 237% longer than a generic product*, reducing the cost of replacement substantially.

In addition, a typical 150 room hotel property could save up to $56,720.04 annually in sheeting & terry processing costs*. This is because Centium microfilament weighs significantly less than traditional polyester yarn, resulting in a lighter, faster drying product.

*Figures used are estimates only. Actual results will vary based on a variety of external factors. 

A stack of folded Capitol Bath Towels and Wash Cloths rest on the edge of an classic style clawfoot bath tub.

Products Built to Last

From plush bath towels and soft sheets to protective mattress pads and decorative top covers, Centium Core Technology® is at the heart of so many of our most popular products.

Interested in browsing all our Centium Core® products? Discover our complete line of Centium Core® bath terry and Centium Core® bed linens.