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February 24, 2024

Manual vs. Motorized: Choosing the Right Solar Shades

The choice between manual and motorized solar shade options significantly impacts the functionality, style, and overall experience of your space. Each option offers many benefits and accommodates different preferences and needs.

The Benefits of Solar Shades

Solar shades offer a timeless solution that combines practical shading with an elegant touch. Crafted to enhance privacy, block UV rays, and manage direct sunlight effectively, they create a cooler and more comfortable indoor environment. Unlike traditional blinds, solar shades offer a low-maintenance solution, allowing residents or guests to easily control glare and solar heat while preserving their outside view. Their flexible design enables them to be rolled up and out of the way when not in use, reducing the need for frequent adjustments and minimizing wear and tear. By effectively managing glare and solar heat, solar shades create a more comfortable, productive, and visually appealing environment for residents.

Manual Solar Shades: Embracing Simplicity and Affordability

Manual solar shades are a classic option for facilities seeking a simple, affordable solution. Manual shades are ideal for easy to reach spaces or areas where shade adjustment is infrequent. Plus, with no electronic components, you won’t have to worry about electrical installation, repairs, or replacements.

The Benefits of Manual Solar Shades

  • Eliminates the expense of electronic repairs and battery replacements.
  • Budget friendly yet elegant solution.
  • Adds sophistication without the complexities of electronic components.
  • Easy to use option that combines simplicity, affordability, and a personal touch.
  • Elevates your space with efficiency and style.

A seating area featuring a long couch and two chairs in front of a large window featuring manual solar shades.

Motorized Solar Shades: Effortless Elegance and Modern Convenience

Step into the future of shade control with motorized solar shades, offering a streamlined solution to common challenges associated with corded manual shades. These shades provide a heightened level of convenience, making it effortless to control the shading and privacy of your space. This is especially useful for hard-to-reach spaces or common areas that require frequent adjustment. By eliminating cords, chains, and wands, you create an elegant, clean look while reducing tangling or damage from misuse.

The Benefits of Motorized Solar Shades

  • Automated adjustment for a seamless and user-friendly shading experience.
  • Eliminates issues like cord tangling and damage due to user error.
  • Various power source options including hard-wired or rechargeable battery packs.
  • Control options include remotes, wall switches, or app integration.
  • Privacy and UV ray control effortlessly maintained.
  • Redefines shading solutions with a level of convenience and elegance.
  • Seamlessly combines technology with timeless style.

Introducing a Third Option – The Best of Both Worlds!

No more unsafe, unappealing chains. No more expensive electronic components to repair. Our newest product, the Newton® Wand Manual Solar Shade, offers a whole new approach to shading.

The Newton® offers a smooth, intuitive wand-controlled operation that brings elegance to your fingertips. This patented chain-free solar shade simplifies operation, enhances durability, and improves product safety. Say goodbye to the hassles of traditional shades and welcome a new era of simplicity.

Choose from the standard wand or a more accessible loop wand as an ADA option. Both wands require less than 5 lbs. of force to operate, ensuring accessibility for all.

Customization Options

No matter your choice, we offer a diverse range of shade fabrics, including blackout, decorative, and light-filtering sheers. With ImagePoint® digital printing options, you can create custom prints that reflect your facility’s individual style.

Whether you opt for the simplicity and affordability of manual solar shades or the modern convenience and elegance of motorized solar shades, both options provide unique benefits where you’ll have it made in the shade. The key lies in understanding your preferences, needs, budget, and the atmosphere you want to create in your space.