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June 28, 2022

Circa Bed Wrap: 8 Stocked, Versatile Colors Ready to Ship Today!

Circa Bed Wrap

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8 Stocked, Versatile Colors

A favorite among hotel designers, hoteliers, and vacation rental owners by offering a quick guest room refresh without breaking the bank, our Circa® Bed Wrap is now available in 8 stock colors and ready to ship today!

Circa Bed Wrap shown in Graphite, a dark grey.


Circa Bed Wrap shown in Haze, a light blue grey.


Circa Bed Wrap shown in Rice Paper, a light beige.

Rice Paper

Circa Bed Wrap in Smokey Quartz, a medium brown.

Smokey Quartz

Circa Bed Wrap shown in Ivory.


CIrca Bed Wrap shown in Sea, a dark blue.


CIrca Bed Wrap shown in Black.


CIrca Bed Wrap shown in White.


Create a Clean, Modern Look in Minutes

Circa® offers a simple and affordable way to get the smooth, modern look of a platform bed without the hassle. Our team designed Circa® with luxury hotels and resorts in mind. Our hotel partners approached our team looking for an affordable, stylish, contemporary alternative to the tired, dust-collecting bed skirt. Instantly create the look of a platform bed without the expense. Easy to install around your hotel bed’s existing bed frame for a clean, modern look.

before of a bed with a rumpled bed skirt and after a bed with the sleek bed skirt alternative circa bed wrap


Easy, Breezy, Install with no Heavy Lifting Required

Circa® Bed Wrap can easily be installed by one person without ever lifting your mattress. Here’s how:

  1. Scoot your bed away from the wall a bit.
  2. Unroll Circa® Bed Wrap and wrap it around your bed frame
  3. Snap and tighten the buckles, then tuck excess fabric under your mattress
  4. Scoot your bed back. And voilà – you’re done!

Check out this video to see how easy it is to install:


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