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February 26, 2021

5 Tips to Remember for Today’s Hotel Bed Covering Cleaning Standards

upclose view cumulus top cover on bed with pillow

Off the top of your head, you can name multiple things that have changed drastically in the last year, including the way we celebrate, work, shop, and the way we travel. It is no secret that the hospitality industry has been impacted tremendously by COVID-19.

Recently, our team surveyed our customers to better understand how the pandemic has impacted day-to-day cleaning bed covering cleaning procedures. We also learned that:

  • 52% are washing bed coverings more frequently
  • 9.7% are no longer using any bed covers
  • Many have made other changes to bed make-up procedures

Survey Responses to “How has the pandemic impacted your cleaning practices for bed coverings?”

graph of the impact of the COVID impact on hotel top of bed cleaning procedures


Most hotels use a top cover over sheets, bedspreads, and duvets for a clean, polished look. However, with nearly 70% of survey respondents making some sort of change to cleaning procedures and bed make-up strategies, we want to share some reminders for hoteliers about top covers and other bed coverings:

1. Bed Coverings Need to Stand Up to Industrial Laundering

It’s no surprise that our survey results showed increased washing of bed coverings. When selecting the right bed covers, it’s critical—perhaps more now than ever—to invest in products that are able to withstand the rigors of industrial laundering.

Consider top covers utilizing Centium Core Technology®. This technology leverages the comfort of 100% cotton yarn wrapped around synthetic fiber bundles—providing the durability and longevity of polyester with the feel of cotton. Simply put, top covers and linens woven with Centium Core Technology® last longer.

Also, don’t forget to take a look at your actual laundering processes, especially your use of chemicals. Even the most durable of linens can be damaged if laundry chemical levels are incorrect.

2. Just Like You and Me, Top Covers Need Time to Rest, Too

Due to the pandemic, many hotels reduced average par levels and are operating with fewer sets of top covers and sheets for their rooms. Plus, as we mentioned above, linens are in the laundry more frequently. The same set of sheets may be stripped, laundered, and placed back on the bed all within a few hours. This combination poses a risk to linen longevity.

The fibers in your linens, including your sheets and top covers, need rest. Without rest, the likelihood of products ripping increases. Resting enhances linen performance by allowing them to retain moisture, but also to extend their life-expectancy, saving you the cost of replacement.

3. No Iron, No Problem

You don’t need to iron a bedspread, but a top cover? It can be difficult to achieve an attractive look without an industrial ironing equipment. How can we help? By taking away the need to iron at all.

Detail photo of Cumulus Top Cover

The rippled, cloud-like texture of Cumulus® eliminates the need to iron top covers

Our Cumulus Top Cover is designed to be textured. It doesn’t need ironing, saving your employees the time and effort, and reducing your additional laundry expenses. The top cover is wash-activated and creates a fluffy, cloud-like appearance. Utilizing our Centium Core Technology, Cumulus performs better for longer.

Check out these other tips for avoiding wrinkles in your hotel sheets.

4. Triple Sheeting is the New Duvet

Some of our survey respondents said they have moved from duvets to triple sheeting. Switching to triple sheeting can make it easier to clean and change over a room, reducing time and cost. While both top cover and duvets can be easily laundered, housekeepers spend 3-4 times longer replacing a duvet cover as opposed to triple sheeting. This simple switch can significantly minimize the time to change each room.

A bonus of converting from duvets to top covers is that they are less expensive to replace and to launder. Read more about triple sheeting.

5. Say Goodbye to the Bed Scarf! (Kind of)

ImagePoint® top covers offer a custom alternative option to a bed scarf, with endless design possibilities. We will work with you to make sure your custom top cover is exactly what you envisioned. Keep a clean, crisp look without having to sacrifice color and character.

Innovation at Standard Textile

We admire all of those in the hospitality who have worked so hard to keep guests and other staff members safe. As the hospitality industry takes steps toward normalcy, we look forward to continuing to provide innovative solutions that not only enhance the customer experience but minimize costs in a time of uncertainty.

Many things may have changed due to the pandemic, but one thing has stayed the same: our dedication to helping our customers.