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June 18, 2020

Laundering Best Practices: 8 Part Series Recap for Perfect Laundering

man removing clean towels from industrial washer

Laundry care can affect the perception of your hotel and your bottom line. This can make a big impact on guest satisfaction and the rate at which a hotel gains repeat customers, so it’s important to take a look at your laundry practices to ensure you’re consistently delivering the best results.

To help you do so, we’ve culled some of the best laundry how-to’s. The following articles emphasize these best practices to help maximize performance, protect linen investments, improve cleaning results, and ultimately, provide outstanding hospitality to your guests.


Are These 5 Problems Ruining Your Hotel’s Linens?

General wear and tear to any sheeting and terry is an unavoidable part of the hospitality business. But our laundry experts have put together a video with some advice to help you minimize common threats that reduce the life of your linen and terry supply. See what the 5 problems are that could be ruining your hotel’s linens.


5 Tips to Help Your Hotel Laundry Reduce Wrinkles

When it comes to commercial hotel laundries, wrinkles come with the territory. The development of creases or other wrinkles in your linens that should otherwise have a smooth, crisp appearance can be a hassle to your housekeeping staff – and diminish the experience for your guests. Minimize wrinkles with just a few simple steps.


Laundry’s Dirty Little Secret: Redeposition

Have you noticed your white linens becoming dull and dingy? You could be dealing with one of laundry’s dirty little secrets—redeposition. While the name may be new to some, redeposition is an all-too familiar problem that can cause hospitality linen items, especially white sheets and towels, to appear gray or off-color after washing. Luckily, it’s easy to deal with. Check out these tips to rid your linens of redeposition.


Storage Conditions for Linens

Circumstances can arise where linens need to be stored for an extended time due to excessive inventory, facility remodeling, or emergency closures (such as the COVID-19 pandemic). If your linens are not stored properly, damage can occur. Understand how to properly store your linens, and what kind of damage to look out for, to improve your storage methods.


5-Step Process for Hotel Linens That Perform Better

One of the most common concerns of our hospitality clients is how to keep hotel sheeting and towels looking great longer. Extending performance and product life starts with using higher quality materials with higher tensile strength. And although you can’t prevent all wear, we recommend these 5 critical steps to help maximize your linen performance and longevity.


How to Identify If Your Linens Have Chemical Damage

It’s not always easy to determine if fabric damage is caused by overuse, tearing, ripping, puncturing, or laundry chemicals. And, of course, it’s hard to fix something if you don’t understand the cause. In this article, we show examples of chemical damage on sheeting and terry. See how chemicals and detergents used to treat and launder your linens can damage fabrics if used improperly.


5 Tips Steps to Tackle Cosmetic Stains on Your Hotel’s Linens

Stains are an unavoidable, everyday issue for hoteliers and laundry managers—especially cosmetic staining. But there are ways to minimize cosmetics’ impact on your sheeting and terry supply. Here are 5 tips to tackling this laundry issue and save considerably on replenishment costs.


What You Need to Know About Linen Shrinkage

Nothing is more frustrating than watching your hotel’s linen supply begin to dwindle unnecessarily due to product shrinkage. But understanding the root cause of shrinkage and how to prevent it in the first place can give you the upper hand on this natural, but nonetheless destructive, phenomenon.