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February 19, 2020

VIDEO: 5 Tips to Help Your Hotel Laundry Reduce Wrinkles

Folded Stack of Sheets in Commercial Hotel Laundry

This is the second article in our series on laundering best practices. Check out the first article: Are These 5 Problems Ruining Your Hotel’s Linens?

Appearance is everything when it comes to hotel linens. However, when it comes to commercial hotel laundries, wrinkles come with the territory. The development of creases or other wrinkles in your linens that should otherwise have a smooth, crisp appearance can be a hassle to your housekeeping staff – and diminish the experience for your guests.

But there are ways to minimize wrinkles with just a few simple steps.

Video: 5 Tips to Help Reduce Wrinkles

Discover how you can reduce wrinkles in your sheets at your hotel property, as well as extend the life of your linens in general.

Hotel Laundry Tip 1: Fold ASAP

A big step to avoid wrinkles is to fold sheeting immediately after drying. When folding, try to smooth out any creases or wrinkles that are present.

Hotel Laundry Tip 2: Keep products moving

Don’t let product sit in one place for too long. Once the laundry process is started, transfer items to the next stage as soon as possible—from carts to washer to dryer to storage.

Hotel Laundry Tip 3: Use the Cool-Down Cycle

The hotter the fabric is, the more prone it will be to wrinkle. Make sure your dryer programming includes a cool-down cycle and use it. That drop in temperature will help the fibers relax and minimize the potential for wrinkling.

Hotel Laundry Tip 4: Use the Proper Load Size

It is important that equipment not be overloaded or underloaded. Products need to be allowed to “open up” during processing, allowing a free flow of air or water to move through. You want products in the machine to drop when they reach 1:00 o’clock for counterclockwise rotation and 11:00 o’clock for clockwise rotation. The drop of the products will not only help the products open up to reduce wrinkling, but it will also maximize mechanical action and cleaning efficiency. We suggest that loading equipment to 70–80% of rated capacity works best.

Hotel Laundry Tip 5. Don’t Over-Dry Products

Cotton in its “dry” state holds about 7-8% of its weight in water. Without this moisture, the fabric will be somewhat limp and prone to develop wrinkles. Products shouldn’t come out of the dryer bone-dry, and products should always be allowed to rest for at least 24 hours so the fibers can fully rehydrate before use.

Bonus Tip: Say ‘Yes’ to Wrinkles

Of course, rather than battle wrinkles, you could embrace them. Our Cumulus® Top Cover incorporates a patented wash-activated patterning that resembles a rolling cloudscape. The soft, rippling pattern comes to life after the product is washed for the first time. This unique pattern removes the need for ironing—no more worrying about wrinkles! The top cover will look great throughout the life of the product and actually improves in comfort and appearance with each wash cycle.