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July 14, 2021

Save Water: 4 Ways to Reduce Your Hotel Laundry’s Water Usage

Reducing hotel laundry water usage

Approximately half of the United States has been in a drought since the beginning of 2021. The extreme shifts in temperature and precipitation have turned what is usually a moderate drought into a severe one and it is only expected to worsen.

Standard Textile empathizes with our customers and partners in hospitality who are experiencing tough times due to the drought. We recognize this as a problem and want to support hotels in their efforts to save water. Hotel water usage accounts for 15% of the total water use in US Commercial and Institutional facilities. Although an individual load may not feel like a large amount of water, it certainly adds up.

With potential water usage restrictions on the horizon, below are several tips from our laundering experts to help hotels conserve water usage.

4 Tips to Reduce Your Water Usage in Your Hotel’s Laundry

full load of laundry in a bin next to industrial dryer

1. Sort Your Linens Strategically

Our CORE laboratory experts recommend revisiting the washing programs used in your hotel. Reviewing wash cycles can identify opportunities for water savings.

Strategic sorting can be done not only by fiber type, but also by soil level. Hoteliers can save water with shorter cycles and less rinsing for products with low soiling levels (e.g. towels, sheets, blankets) and a full wash for products with heavy soiling levels (e.g. wash cloths, hand towels, napery).

2. Don’t Wash Linens Unless the Wash Load is Full

Requesting guests to reuse towels during their stay can have an immediate impact on water savings. This simple task that can not only decrease water used to launder, but also reduce the workload placed on housekeepers.

Some hotels are taking it a step further and moved their daily sheet washing to every 2 or 3 days. It is also recommended that housekeepers only wash loads when full to reduce the total number of washings. Not only do these easy implementations cut down on water usage during laundering but they also extend the product life and performance.

3. Use Recycled Water for Hotel Laundering

The practice of using recycled water or even rainwater for non-potable uses like laundering is a good place to start. Although water recycling systems can be costly, the investment is very efficient at saving water. These systems rely on collection, storage, and delivery of reclaimed water sources. The most common of these resources collects all the rinse water from loads that are running, which is relatively clean and good for reuse.

4. Consider Water-Saving Tunnel Washers for Your Hotel Laundry

Some hotels use tunnel washers, which hold a distinct advantage over other water-saving systems. They can consume 0.5 gallons of water per pound being processed whereas convention equipment needs 7-8+ gallons per pound. While a challenge faced with tunnel washers is size and cost, there is a huge benefit for hotels that have the volume and space.

Water Conservation Efforts

The hospitality industry has also seen many hotels implement other water conservation programs. Implementing sustainable practices can reduce water consumption by 50% per guest and leave hoteliers with visible changes in operating costs. In addition to our team’s suggestions above, hospitality professionals can also consider the following:

  • Water Management Plan – establish a plan with obtainable goals and educate employees. Proper training can ensure a reduction in water and that goals are met.
  • Maintenance Upkeep – finding and fixing any leaks can save hoteliers up to 200 gallons of water daily.
  • Recycling Water  – treat and repurpose greywater for other non-potable purposes like toilet flushing and irrigation.

Consider Products That Require Less Water for Laundering

Making smart linen choices for your hotel can also help cut costs and save water. And did we mention you can still have comfort and performance? A win for both hoteliers and their guests.

When selecting linens, consider the amount of water needed to process. Products with a heavier weight require more water than those with a lighter weight. The Gradient™ Bath Towel helps solve this issue – engineered with maximum performance qualities that save water. Our CORE laboratory experts designed this towel using the Comfort Experience Zone™ – a reduced weight on the ends but remains thicker in the center, where comfort is needed most. This technique allows Gradient™ to be laundered with less water and a reduced drying time.

graphic representation of the comfort experience zone

Additionally, we offer a variety of products that come pre-laundered so they can be used right out of the box, saving hoteliers the first wash. We partnered with Procter & Gamble to create the program, Room Ready For You® Laundered With Tide®, that allows housekeepers to put sheets and towels directly into the guest rooms – saving time, money, and water.

Our Team is Here For You

Standard Textile supports our customers who are experiencing difficulties during this time. We understand that conserving water can be challenging, but even the smallest changes can have a significant impact on water consumption. Please contact our sales consultants or laundry experts with any questions.