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March 9, 2021

Add a layer of style to your guest room with the Encircle® Box Spring Cover

Encircle box spring cover in Magnesium

Elevating guest rooms on a budget can seem daunting, especially when budgets are restricted. In today’s environment, there are many things a hotelier must consider when looking to upgrade guest rooms including cleanliness, ease on housekeeping staff, and ultimately providing an exceptional guest experience. A simple, yet innovative product that can modernize a guest room in matter of minutes are box spring covers. They not only help eliminate dust and allergens, but they also protect against normal wear and tear, and can help extend the overall lifetime and quality of your mattress. What’s more, a box spring cover is an easy way to add another layer of style to your guest room.

Standard Textile has developed the Encircle®, a tailored box spring cover that gives the bed a streamlined, contemporary look.


Encircle® Box Spring Cover in Sand

Versatile Fit

With four-way stretch knitted fabric for a versatile fit, it allows for ample stretch and recovery both width and lengthwise. Encircle accommodates various heights of box springs, ranging in heights from 5” up to 14”, and allows for a 2” tolerance for length and width which ensures a smooth, snug fit on your box spring.


Installation in minutes

The circular design and stretch knitted fabric make the wrap easy to apply within minutes, and by just one person. Encircle® slides over the mattress with ease by covering the four sides of the box spring without lifting the mattress. No straps needed to adjust!

Wraps securely in place by the fabric’s inherently fitted nature. Elastic around the bottom and top corners keeps the cover from popping off the box spring.


Step 1. Use label to center product at foot of bed.
Step 2. Align the elastic on each corner of the box spring.
Step 3. Lift each corner of box spring to ensure product clears the frame.
Step 4. Tuck fabric under mattress, then pull below the frame until fabric is even.

Easy to clean and low maintenance

No need to redo the bed skirt and straighten daily. Encircle® decreases housekeeping work time and increases efficiency. Quick and easy to put on, the cover can be conveniently removed for laundering, making Encircle® a great solution for eliminating germs and dirt. To remove, simply take the cover off the box spring by pulling it up and over the mattress, and toss Encircle® right into the laundry.


Encircle® Box Spring Cover in Magnesium and Sand

Patterns and Sizes

Our stock covers come in two colors, Magnesium and Sand, with a basket weave pattern, which can also be custom colored to match your room. Available in the following sizes:

  • King (76”W x 80”L)
  • Hotel King (72”W x 80”L)
  • Queen (60”W x 80”L)
  • Full (54”W x 80”L)

Custom printing is available for Encircle®. Our team of expert designers can help you create the desired expression for your environment or review your supplied artwork to help you achieve the best results. Minimums do apply for custom designs.

A simple bedding element with a big impact. Contact one of  our Interiors specialists to see how you can experience the Encircle® Box Spring Cover and elevate your guest rooms.