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November 14, 2023

Choosing the Best Duvet Cover Closure Options for your Property

A luxe duvet cover atop a plush hotel guest bed.

Why Use a Duvet Cover?

Duvets and duvet covers provide a simple, cost-effective way to enhance the look of your beds. If your goal is to create a luxurious guest experience, duvets stand out when compared to other top of bed solutions. Beyond the luxury they offer, duvet covers provide protection for your inserts, ensuring a more hygienic sleep experience.

Duvet Cover Closure Options

When choosing a duvet cover, there are many factors to consider. One often overlooked detail is the style of closure a duvet cover has. This choice is essential because the process of positioning and removing a duvet insert is one of the most time-consuming tasks for housekeepers. The right closure style can streamline this process while providing varying levels of protection for your duvet inserts and reducing the need for frequent laundering. So, which style is right for you? Below are three duvet cover closure options to help you create a comfortable, hygienic sleep experience for your guests.

1. Center Opening Duvet Cover

Drawing of a center opening duvet cover.

The Center Opening Duvet Cover is a classic style and one of the most widely available options on the market today. This duvet cover features a bar tacked opening at one end and secure 9-inch hand holes at the other. The result is a crisp, clean look that aligns perfectly with the expectations of a hotel duvet. While the Center Opening cover offers more protection to the duvet insert than a top cover configuration, it’s important to note that the smaller opening can sometimes require a bit more time for housekeepers when removing and inserting.

Did you know? Our Cumulus® duvet cover doesn’t require ironing. This not only saves housekeepers time but also adds a touch of style and dimension to the top of your beds – a win-win! Other available Center Opening Duvet Covers include the luxurious Paragon Cotton as well as our ever-popular Centium Satin fabric.

2. Envelope Closure Duvet Cover

Drawing of an envelope closure duvet cover.

The Envelope Closure Duvet Cover employs a familiar folding closure method that provides additional protection for the insert since it can be neatly tucked away. The full length opening at the end of the cover allows for a straightforward removal process and strikes a perfect balance between comfort and durability.

The Envelope Closure is available with our distinctive ComforTwill® Stripe fabric for a refined top of bed experience.

3. Designer Closure Duvet Cover

Drawing of a designer closure duvet cover.

Our Designer Closure Duvet Cover features a patented design that eliminates any exposure of the duvet insert when used in combination with a flat top sheet. Unlike other duvet covers on the market, the opening is strategically placed in the center, making it easily removed for laundering and significantly reducing the time and labor involved in bed making.

Designer Closure is available in 4 uniquely patterned fabrics – Our Centium Satin Solid provides a clean and classic white look. For some added texture, you can also choose our Centium Satin Tuxedo Stripe or Microcheck patterns. Finally, our distinctive ComforTwill® Stripe fabric rounds out the available options for this innovative duvet cover system.

Download Our Quick Reference Guide

Avoid confusion with this side-by-side comparison of the various duvet cover closure options.

Duvet covers can effectively reduce your laundering needs, safeguard your duvet inserts, and provide a hygienic and elevated sleeping environment for your guests. An added bonus for housekeepers? All of our duvet covers feature EZ ID® color-coded labels, make sorting and size identification simple.

Whether you’re seeking a classic duvet look, a familiar duvet cover closure style, or an all-around elegant yet simple duvet cover, we have an option to meet your specific needs. Contact us to learn more!