Centium Satin Duvet Covers

Enjoy an exquisitely soft, sateen duvet cover with the durability Centium Satin™ is famous for

  • Silky, sateen hand increases in softness the more its washed
  • Centium Core Technology® delivers a soft satin exterior with a core of unrivaled microfilament strength
  • Proprietary microemulsion finish
  • 65% Cotton/35% Centium® Microfilament
  • Sizes range from Full to King
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For the Centium Satin™ Duvet Cover, we’ve woven a wealth of premium, long-staple, ring-spun cotton around an ultra-strong, delicately textured microfilament yarn. Centium Core Technology® creates a sensuously soft, ultra-smooth feel. And the softness increases the more it’s washed. A proprietary microemulsion finish helps the Centium Satin™ Duvet Cover retain an exquisitely silky feel, from beginning to end.

This luxuriously silky duvet cover is available in three distinctive patterns to fit any room style—Solid, Tuxedo Stripe, or Microcheck.

While your guests will rave about its soft, sateen hand, your housekeepers and laundry staff will appreciate the time-saving features of our Centium Satin™ Duvet Cover. Thanks to our Designer Closure System, placing your insert inside this sateen duvet cover has never been easier since the opening is strategically placed in the center, making set up simple and convenient. Plus, the sewn closure at the head and foot means none of the insert can be seen for a clean, considered look.

In addition, Centium Satin™ Duvet Covers feature EZ ID® color-coded labels, making sorting and size identification simple.

For decades, Standard Textile has served the most exclusive hotels in Europe and the Americas. Guests have come to expect the sheer touch of the finest sheets and pillowcases in the world. That’s why a Centium Satin™ duvet cover is the impeccable choice.

  • Designer Closure Duvet Cover
  • Centium Core Technology®
  • 65% Cotton/35% Centium® Microfilament
  • Proprietary Microemulsion Finish
  • EZ ID® Color-Coded Labels for Easy Size Identification
  • Size Options Range from Full to King
  • Available Colors: White
  • Available Patterns: Solid, Microcheck, Tuxedo Stripe

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