LuxSoft® Luxury Comforters

This oversized, luxury comforter will wow your guests with unbelievable softness

  • Enjoy five-star relaxation with one of the most luxurious comforters on the market
  • EZ ID® color-coded loops for easy size identification
  • Improved durability with corded twill taped bindings
  • Double-needle, ten-inch box quilt stitching resists clumping
  • Fine woven T-230 ticking filled with 100% recycled down alternative
  • Sizes range from Full to King
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Everything You
Need To Know

Is it possible to make a comforter too comfortable? Too soft? Too lush? Too cozy? Standard Textile is pushing the limits with the LuxSoft® luxury comforter. This oversized comforter gives guests the warm feeling of pure, five-star relaxation.

LuxSoft® is a supreme comforter: an oversized, over-soft, generously filled comforter, designed for a great night’s sleep and a wonderful morning. But everything that makes the LuxSoft® comforter such a delight for your guests has an extra, hidden benefit for you—lower costs.

Its attractive box quilt stitching saves housekeeping the annoyance of shifting fill. The combination of fine-woven blended fabric ticking and high-end corded twill taped bindings make LuxSoft® more durable, lowering replacement costs. The 100% recycled polyester fill makes this product environmentally friendly. It also dries much faster than other comforters, reducing laundry expenses.

See what all the fuss is about and try the LuxSoft® luxury comforter on your hotel beds today. Your guests won’t stop thanking you for the wonderful nights’ sleep!

  • Standard Textile Exclusive Product
  • 100% Recycled Polyester Fill (Down Alternative)
  • Hypoallergenic T-230 Ticking (65% Cotton/35% Polyester)
  • Polyester-Corded Piping All Around
  • Corded Twill Taped Bindings
  • Clump Resistant
  • Double-Needle, Ten-Inch Box Quilt Stitching
  • Size Options Range from Full to King
  • EZ ID® Color-Coded Loops for Easy Size Identification
  • Available Colors: White

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