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January 13, 2020

What Does Customization Mean When You Partner with the Interiors Group at Standard Textile?

Fabric Designers going over color and texture choices

When it comes to custom made interior products, the term “custom” can mean a lot of different things. So, what does “custom” mean when you partner with our Interiors Group? It means true customization, from start to finish, planning, to project management, to installation.

Customization Basics

In the world of interior products, there isn’t much luck with “one-size-fits-all.” That means that for any given project you’ll need custom pieces to fit the unique features of each room. Our team is fully equipped to plan, measure, design, fabricate, and install a wide variety of products designed to best fit your spaces. But custom sizes and dimensions are just the beginning. The real customization comes in with the fabrics.

Featured above: Oslo/Coconut Sofa, and pillows featured include Jewel/Smokey Quartz, Pivot/Beachfront, Thompson Velvet/Caspian, Crystallize/Opal, Lafayette/Hydrant, and Walter/Flannel

Fabrics and Styles to Meet All Your Design Needs

We have an ever-growing collection of textiles, patterns, and colorways to choose from. You can even partner with our design team to help find the perfect patterns and color ways to match your existing style, whether you need a small accent piece or a full room renovation.

If your project requires specific performance fabrics that offer anti-microbial, flame-retardant, or stain-resistant properties, you can still choose from a variety of styles, patterns, and colorways. You’ll be able to meet compliance without sacrificing style.

Fabrics featured left to right:
Pivot/Oxide, Flux/Sizzle, Glengarry/Amethyst, Attalos/Slate, Pivot/Rhubarb, Cava/Penny, Dashing/Concrete

Going Beyond the Stock Styles

Sometimes your project requires something truly unique, and that means existing patterns and colorways just won’t work. That’s where our custom digital printing with ImagePoint® comes in. The options are truly limitless, with our ability to print nearly any design, any colors, on a variety of fabric styles. You can provide your own design, or work with our design team to bring a fresh idea to life or match your existing décor.

Featured above: Glisten-V1/Agate ImagePoint® Duvet, Glamour-V1/Agate ImagePoint® Pillow,
Thompson Velvet/Caspian Pillows, Discoteque/Gold Metal Headboard, and Circa Bed Wrap

At Standard Textile, Custom Truly Means Custom

Because we are both a manufacturer and a fabricator, we have the knowledge and expertise to create truly custom products. Partnering with our team means getting the exact styles you want for your project, crafted specifically for your space.