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April 17, 2020

Standard Textile Helps Tell the Story of the Cincinnati Reds

graphic roller shades printed with Reds baseball photos in Reds Hall of Fame

At 16,000 square feet, the Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame Museum is the largest sports museum in baseball and one of the oldest continually operating halls of fame in all of sports. In 2019, a reveal of the facility’s renovation coincided with the 150th anniversary of the team’s founding—the oldest franchise in professional baseball.

Partnering with Architecture/Design Firm FRCH

Standard Textile became involved in the renovation project after FRCH Nelson, the architect and design company contracted for the undertaking, reached out for a local supplier for graphic roller shades. The project made its way to Standard Textile to consult and provide a quote for the project.

“We love what we do because we know it’s more than just beautiful products and personal service we deliver,” shared Troy Spratt, GC Project Manager at Standard Textile.

Interiors photo of Reds Hall of Fame including graphic roller solar shades by Standard Textile

Creating an Extraordinary, Immersive Experience

“For our customers, it’s the reassurance of completing a project that is functional and stylish, on budget, and on time. Based on the design created by FRCH’s team, we wanted to help make this a memorable, special space by providing high-quality graphic roller shades to match the overall theme of the Reds Hall of Fame, allowing visitors to experience unique visuals depicting some of the Reds’ history-making achievements.”

Standard Textile partnered with Draper® to create and deliver the custom roller shades experience.

Close-up of graphic roller shade from the Reds Hall of Fame

Graphic Roller Shades – Fast!

“Graphic shades are kind of a unique request. The process we go through isn’t as simple as a typical shade,” said Troy. “The biggest challenge we faced on the project was the construction schedule and the accelerated timeline. We only had a few weeks to get approvals and get the shades into production. Standard Textile and Draper® worked together to prioritize this project and not only get the shades delivered in time but also installed and operational.”

A complete immersion in Reds’ history, the visitor experience begins with the original 1869 team and tells the Reds’ story through present day, using graphic shades to help illustrate the journey.

“This was a really special project,” shared Troy, “and we’re glad we could be part of it.”

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Photos used with the permission of Draper®