ComforTwill® Striped Duvet Covers

Choose this subtly striped duvet cover for world-class comfort & durability

  • Durable duvet cover built with genuine single-pick construction for ultra-softness
  • Centium Core Technology® delivers a soft cotton exterior with a core of unrivaled microfilament strength
  • Subtle, tone-on-tone striped design adds sophistication to your duvet
  • Available with designer closure or envelope closure options
  • 70% Cotton/30% Centium Microfilament
  • Sizes range from Twin to King
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Everything You
Need To Know

What sets the ComforTwill® Striped Duvet Cover apart from the competition? The difference is in the feel. An extra-smooth premium hand is due to the superior and patented engineering of Standard Textile sheeting, which combines luxurious cotton with the durability of Centium® texturized microfilament synthetic yarns.

In addition to comfort, this durable duvet cover stands up to rigors of industrial laundering, eliminating the need for frequent replacement. Featuring our Centium Core Technology®, this product boasts a core of polyester microfilament. This delivers unsurpassed durability and longevity.

No one likes wasting time changing a duvet cover. That’s why we offer ComforTwill® striped duvet covers with our Designer Closure option. This system makes placing your insert easier than ever since the opening is strategically placed in the center. Plus, the sewn closure at the head and foot means none of the insert can be seen for a clean, considered look.

In addition, ComforTwill® striped duvet covers feature EZ ID® color-coded labels, making sorting and size identification simple.

Finding a durable duvet cover that also offers top notch guest comfort can be challenging. Rest assured knowing that you’ve found the best of both worlds with the ComforTwill® Striped Duvet Cover.

  • Subtle, Tone-on-Tone Striped Duvet Cover
  • Available in Designer Closure or Envelope Closure
  • Centium Core Technology®
  • 70% Cotton/30% Centium Microfilament
  • Single-Pick Construction
  • EZ ID® Color-Coded Labels for Easy Size Identification
  • Size Options Range from Twin to King
  • Available Colors: White
  • Available Patterns: Stripe

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