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September 22, 2021

Centium Core Technology®: Where the Weave Matters

Two stacks of folded bath towels on a grey background.

Operational and product replacement costs are a constant stress hoteliers consider in their day-to-day routine. Finding the right balance between operational efficiency and guest satisfaction is an ever-changing goal that can be hard to achieve. How do hoteliers minimize unnecessary costs while maintaining the guest experience?

Let’s discuss one of the cornerstones for how we support hoteliers and their linen programs.

We mention Centium Core Technology® in nearly every article about our engineered linens. Today, we’ll take a deep dive into Centium Core®, both what it is and how it can help you find the perfect balance between cost and comfort.

Unique Technology, Extraordinary Experience

traditional cotton-poly weave versus centium core technology

Our patented Centium Core Technology® combines durability and longevity while maintaining a soft touch.

In a traditional cotton-poly sheet or towel, two fibers are blended together. Cotton for comfort. Synthetic for strength. With this construction you feel both types of fibers touching your skin. The surface often feels rough due to the synthetic fiber and the fabric may be less durable because of the presence of cotton. Over time, the product feels less comfortable and wears out quickly.

With Centium Core Technology® cotton and polyester are not blended together. Instead, Centium Core Technology® offers a natural, cotton surface and a synthetic fiber core. You receive all the benefits of premium cotton: softness, easy stain release, and whiteness. Plus the strength bolstering power of multifilament synthetic fiber at the core.

The result: incredible comfort against your skin, significantly higher strength, and extended service life.

The tensile strength has been tested as much as 237% stronger than traditional textiles. For terry, we have can achieve 50% higher tensile strength.

Engineered to Benefit Hoteliers & Guests

Stack of two vidori luxury hotel towels with a third draped over the top

This patented arrangement allows for the best of both worlds: imparting the moisture-wicking properties of cotton with the incredible strength of Centium Core Technology® – creating a dramatically extended product service life.

Products crafted from the Centium Core Technology® platform stay soft and comfortable – since the cotton threads are on the outside – yet remain strong because of the synthetic fibers on the inside.

Centium Core® products deliver unparalleled durability and longevity while simultaneously having a soft touch compared to other products. Guests will get the experience of cotton linens without even realizing the exciting technology that lies beneath.

Many of Standard Textile’s proprietary linen products make use of multiple patented technologies, including Centium Core®. Examples include our Cumulus® Top Covers, Versatility® Contour sheets, and Vidori® terry.

Cumulus® is engineered with a wash-activating pattern that looks great without the need for flat-ironing.

Versatility® fitted sheets are designed with specialized “stretch and recovery” characteristics. It’s elastic-free construction delivers the strength and known durability of a woven material with the stretch of a knit, making it able to accommodate varying lengths of mattresses.

The Vidori® terry collection uses tandem, twisted pile for a soft, luxurious feel and Centium Core® gives it incredible durability. Because of these characteristics, Vidori® terry also dries quicker, so you can get products in your guests hands quicker. Using a combination of our patented technologies and characteristics has allowed our products to stand out in the hospitality industry.

See a full list below of Standard Textile products featuring Centium Core®:

Additionally, Centium Core® has also been proven to reduce expenses in hotels. Because the product is engineered to be stronger and more durable, products perform better for longer. This keeps product in your guests’ hands and replacement costs low. Since the launch of Centium Core®, our hotel partners have reported significant savings due to the reduction of operational & replacement costs and the overall reduction of waste. We want your products to work for you, not against you. That’s why we created Centium Core®.

Created for You

Hoteliers have many obstacles to tackle daily and Standard Textile wanted to ease some of those stressors. With Centium Core®, hoteliers can rest easy knowing their guests are comfortable and their products are strong. To learn more about Centium Core®, contact our team and we’ll connect you with a consultant.