Wash-Activated Patterning

By listening intently to our customers, we learned that one of the biggest struggles many hoteliers face is enhancing their laundry productivity while dealing with limited laundry space and resources. Smaller, in-house hotel laundries may not have the capacity for large equipment, like flatwork ironers. Ensuring beautiful, clean, high-quality bedding in their guest rooms in the absence of extensive on-site laundry machinery was a challenge for many of our partners.

Our engineers tackled the issue with empathy: If ironing top covers is not an option for our customers, how else can we help them create an attractive, consistent, comfortable guest bed experience?

Wash-activated patterning became a patented solution to the problem, and the fabric is not available from any other source in the market today. The product must be laundered in hot water (140°F or higher) prior to first use, dried, and that’s it. The soft, rippling pattern is activated by the washing process and no ironing is required or even recommended at all. The pattern’s visual appeal endures throughout the life of the product, actually improving with each wash.

Reduced overall product weight also decreases drying time and yields significant processing cost savings for our customers. An example of breakthrough innovation in action, wash-activated patterning from Standard Textile solves a real customer need.

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A detail shot of a bed featuring a Cumulus top cover.

Cumulus® Top Cover in White

A detail shot showcasing the Cumulus wash-activated pattern.

Detail of Cumulus® Top Cover