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April 11, 2023

How to Choose the Best Shower Curtain for Your Bathroom

Hook-free shower curtain in Lux Waffle in the color white hanging from a standard shower curtain rod.

Taking the time to choose the right shower curtain that is functional and stylish can make all the difference in your bathroom. But with so many different options out there, it can be hard to know which style, pattern, or kind to choose.

If you’re not sure where to start, see our guide below to help you choose the best shower curtain for your bathroom.


1. Choose the Material

Fabric or vinyl? With or without a window for a little light? Material can have a big impact on your bathroom space, even if it is subtle. Our shower curtain collection includes 100% polyester fabric shower curtains with hook-free or hooked headers, and 10-gauge vinyl shower curtains.

Our available hook-free and hooked stock options for shower curtains include:

Hook-Free Polyester
Hook-Free Polyester with Window
Hook-Free Cruise Vinyl


Hooked Polyester
Hooked Cruise Vinyl


2. Hook-free and Hooked Curtain Styles

When it comes to shower curtains, you can choose a hook-free style that has built-in, grommets or hooked shower curtains that use hooks or rings. Hook-free shower curtains are a great no hassle option for a low maintenance, easy installation and removal for laundering. They also give your bathroom a more modern look. Hooked shower curtains can be made to order from over 20 fabric options from our fabric gallery. This gives you the creative freedom to carry a theme throughout your bathroom.


Hook-Free Header Hooked Header
Plastic, flexible hook-free grommets
slide onto any standard shower rod.
Hook-free curtain available with window.
Sewn eyelets across the top for hooks.
Shown above with our 100% stainless
steel contoured ring set.


3. Pattern and Texture

White curtains not only look clean, but they also match any style. Many hotels and facilities choose white because it looks sophisticated and fresh. But if you want something unique, consider a custom print on your hooked shower curtain with our ImagePoint® custom printing. Supply your own art or work with our design team to create something new and unique to your brand. With digital storage, your exclusive design is always available, never discontinued. Small re-order quantities are welcome; order only what you need.


Made to Order ImagePoint® Custom Printed
Made to Order shower curtains are
available for our hooked shower
curtains. Our fabric gallery offers
over 20 fabrics for shower curtains.

Custom design your shower curtain.
Supply your own art or work with our
design team to create a unique an
one-of-a-kind branded piece. 


4. Measure for the Perfect Curtain Size

To get the perfect shower curtain dimensions, first measure your shower from wall to wall. Your shower curtain should have a relaxed or loose look when it’s pulled closed, so you’ll want to add 12 inches to the width measurement.

The standard shower curtain length should extend to the floor and cover the bathtub. Standard Textile’s shower curtain standard sizes are:

  • Hook-free polyester standard shower curtain size –  71” x 74”
  • Hooked polyester standard shower curtain size –  72” x 72”

Shower curtains should hang one half inch from the floor when installed. For the appropriate height, talk with one of our interiors consultants to determine the perfect height for either a hook-free or hooked shower curtain for your bathroom.

Still can’t decide on which shower curtain is best for your space? Fill out the form below and one of our Interiors Group team members will be connect with you.

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