Hook-Free Shower Curtains

Innovative, no-hassle shower curtain with built-in rings for easy installation

  • Flexible white rings built into the header allow for quick installation and removal in 45 seconds 
  • Polyester hook-free shower curtains available in three versatile, white-on-white patterns 
  • 10-gauge vinyl option available in two colors 
  • Optional translucent window available for stocked polyester hook-free curtains 
  • In stock and ready to ship 

Everything You
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Rich in texture, our stocked hook-free shower curtains—available in either 100% Polyester or 10-gauge vinyl—deliver time-saving convenience along with durable beauty. The built-in, flexible white rings allow for quick, easy installation and removal in less than 45 seconds.

Our stocked selection of 100% Polyester hook-free shower curtains includes three white-on-white patterned fabrics—Luxe Waffle, Bay Blocks, and Ames Herringbone—to give your bathroom a sophisticated, modern feel. Prefer to let a little light in? An optional translucent window hook-free shower curtain allows light into the shower and is available for all three patterns. White plastic snaps are included on the back of the curtain under the header for a polyester liner to attach to the curtain—liner sold separately. 

Our stocked selection of vinyl hook-free shower curtains are available in a 10-gauge, lightly textured vinyl in white or beige with no liner needed. The vinyl hook-free shower curtains are water repellent as well as mildew resistant to help block unwanted odors. Weights are included in bottom corners to help the shower curtain stay in place. 

Polyester Hook-Free Shower Curtains: 

  • 100% Polyester  
  • 10 Built-In Flexible White Rings 
  • White-on-White Patterned Fabric: Ames Herringbone, Bay Blocks, and Luxe Waffle 
  • Optional Translucent Window Available 
  • White Plastic Snaps on the Back of the Curtain Under Header for Polyester Liner to Attach 
  • Machine Washable 
  • Water Resistant
  • 1” Standard Hem Using Single-Needle Stitch 
  • Liner is Recommended and Sold Separately 
  • Stocked Size: Windowless Hook-Free Shower Curtain – 72″x74″
    • Top Header Measures 4.5”
    • Curtain Panel Measures 69.5” 
  • Stocked Size: Windowed Hook-Free Shower Curtain – 72″x74″
    • Top Header Measures 4.5”
    • Translucent Window Measures 15.5”
    • Curtain Panel Measures 54” 
  • Custom Length Available for Bay Blocks 


Vinyl Hook-Free Shower Curtains: 

  • 10-Gauge Vinyl
  • Available in Two Colors: White or Beige 
  • Encased Magnets in Bottom Corners 
  • Mildrew Resistant 
  • Water Repellant  
  • No Liner Required  
  • Stocked Sizes: 48″x74″ and 72″x74″ 
    • 6 Built-In Flexible White Rings for the 48″x74″ 
    • 10 Built-In Flexible White Rings for the 72″x74″  
  • Custom Length Available 

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