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March 5, 2020

Your Hotel May Be Pet-Friendly, But Are Your Mattresses?

A large dog laying on a well made hotel bed encased with an AllerEase mattress encasement..

If you have a pet at home, you’re in good company. According to the American Pet Products Association’s 2019-2020 National Pet Owners Survey, in America alone, there are 85 million families that own a pet. The same survey estimates that in 2019 $75.38 billion was spent on pets. We love and dote on our pets more than ever before, and that often means bringing pets along on our vacations.

Vacation is for the Dogs—and Guests are Willing to Pay

The APPA says that 45% of dog owners take their pets with them when they travel for at least two nights. That’s why more and more hotels are introducing pet-friendly policies. Not just to improve guest experience—pet-friendly policies could actually increase hotel revenue. In Britain, the Euromonitor International’s World Travel Market global trends report suggests that becoming pet-friendly could increase hotel revenues by 30% a year. Guests are willing to pay a premium to bring their pets along.

Protect Your Bed from Pet Dander, Accidents, & More

Furry guests can cause headaches for hoteliers, as they bring with them pet hair, pet dander, accients, dirt, and spills. While most areas of the guest room are easily cleaned or laundered, the same just isn’t true of mattresses. Mattresses are notoriously hard to clean and for major spills or stains they usually need to be replaced. That’s why savvy hoteliers choose to protect their mattress investment with AllerEase®Professional Mattress Encasements.

AllerEase® Professional protects your mattress from spills, dust mites, pet dander, and more. It provides full six-sided mattress protection, while giving guests a quiet, comfortable plush top layer and temperature balancing technology for a better night’s sleep. Plus, if Fido jumps in bed, he’ll be just as comfortable and just as protected.

Finally, A Mattress Protector That’s Easy to Wash

To make clean-up easier than ever, AllerEase® Professional created the Duraflex™ System with innovative zip-off tops. The zip-off tops allow you to quickly replace the top between guests, and easily launder soiled tops without fully uninstalling the mattress encasement. And it’s not just mattresses you should protect. Our AllerEase® Professional line also offers Pillow Protectors and Pillows, so the most vulnerable parts of your beds can be fully protected.

Investing in mattress encasements, pillows, and pillow protectors that are easy to launder between guests means you’ll prevent pet hair and dander from negatively affecting any future guests who may suffer from pet allergies. AllerEase® Professional lets you prioritize the comfort of all guests: those with pets in tow as well as those without.

See AllerEase® Professional Mattress Encasement Zip-off Top in Action

Happy Pups, Happy Guests

So, if you’re a pet-friendly hotel, or if you’re considering becoming pet-friendlier, you should give some serious thought to protecting your mattresses and pillows from the added risk of pets. Your guests will appreciate having their faithful companions by their side, and you’ll be confident knowing that both your guests are satisfied and your mattresses are protected.